Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Vibes Festival 2013

Alo lovelies, if you guys been checking out my instagram, twitter or Facebook. You guys should know that I went to the Good Vibes Festival! Well, thanks to Heineken that invited me to go to witness the debut of Starclub! There's actually 4 stages, Red Stage, Blue Stage, Starclub and Silent Discotek!

It's actually cool they separated 4 stages like that, since everyone has their own genres. For me, I like rock and roll so I prefer Red stage, and for my boyfriend he prefers Starclub because yeapp he loves Techno songs and all the club songs.

What's Silent Discotek?
It was actually funny when I first went there to see, people are dancing around in silent but actually there were 2 DJs playing and both Djs playing different genres, so you just wear the headphones and switch channels to switch which DJ you prefer and dance in silent! Basically you just party in your own head.

How interesting.

A view one part of the Festival. Do you see the girl in Red and the guy in Black in the middle? They're Natalie and Ean from! haha

These are Chic Vibes, they are alot of malaysians' brand clothes sold in the Chic Vibes Section.

 It was honestly  an amazing day, but I had bad luck along the way. If you guys followed my twitter, you guys would know that I actually won a Monster Beats by Dr.Dre headphones due to having the largest number of likes in Instagram in one of the competition and I won it! Didn't expecting myself to win anything but it definitely feels great to actually win something expensive easily.... but here comes the sad part. I lost it. I still couldn't figure out how did I actually lost it because as soon as I get my hands on the earphones, I placed safely in my bag. I zipped my bag close and tightly the whole time! If anyone wants to steal it, why not my money or my iPhone? Okay, I dont wished it really happens but why the earphones?! lol. It's like too easy winning it and too easy losing them. Bad luck indeed. When I found out I lost them, my mood actually went down deep to the drain, I was actually excited to watch Smashing Pumpkins, but I didn't so I went home earlier after Smashing Pumpkins played few songs. They were amazing tho and I love them! Feels guilty, I still dared to call myself a fan after bailing them out like that.
This was when we're in the Starclub.

A candid taken by my boyfriend haha.

While waiting for my old time favourite band, The Smashing Pumpkins! *Too bad I didnt took a picture or video of them because I camera was out of battery* :( EMO

The boyfriend and me.

Sorry for the overload selfies instead of taking picture of the Festival instead. I didn't take alot of pictures for the Festival but I took videos instead. I hope you guys can enjoy it!

By the way, I'll be doing more videos because I really enjoy doing videos, so Stay Tuned for my upcoming project ! haha, and don't forget to give me a "thumbs up" if you like my video and don't forget to subscribe as well and ofcourse please like my page to give me some support and keeping up with the updates of my blog!

That's all loves, toodles!



  1. From the looks of the sunshine, you went there quite early. I only arrived there at around 8pm just in time to down loads of Heineken with some friends at the Starclub and I loved the haunting sounds of The Smashing Pumpkins. I'm a fan of them and one of the reasons why I went to the Good Vibes Festival. :D

    A shame you lost the Beats headphone. It would be great if it's lost to me. LOL

    1. hahahha yeap i'm a fan of the smashing pumpkins as well! haha

  2. so cute one ur facepainting! haha

  3. Was bloghopping and found your cute flowery blog! You're so pretty and I enjoyed reading your contents so I followed your blog!! Heheh :P Keep up with the great job, hunny! xx

    Celyx Lim


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