Sunday, September 9, 2012

Graduation 2012

Outfit of the day.

HEYAAAAA. I'm back again from 4 months of dissapearance. I'm devastated to see how unproductive I am towards my blog. I hope my readers wont go yet. So, I'm guessing you all are curious where did I go the whole time? WELL. I'M AT HOME. haha studying ofcourse for upcoming exam, SPM! omg so nervous. Anyway, 1 months plus left till my exam. I hope you guys are patient enough to wait for my next post.

Alot of things happened but I didnt have the time to blog it all out. I'm a lazy bum-bum. I'm sorry. The recent event I went to was my graduation on the 6th of September 2012! FINALLY, after four years of waiting to wear the graduation gown. 

Many people asked why did our school graduation was earlier, not after spm. Well, it is because spm ends at december and don't you think it's a little too late for graduation? haha!

Anyway, it's just a short post just to keep my blog activate and congrats to all graduates from my school. I'll be missing you guys :)  ENJOY!

Mr Gary, best teacher ever!

Arnold and Charlyn. If you were wondering why there are blue or red graduation gown. Red is for the art stream, blue is for the science stream. I like the blue one better, looks cooler HAHA.


Me and charlyn!

Georgiana, me and emma!

The Family of form 5B science class.

I look smarter right?

Class of form5B 2012

Me and my bestfriend, Larry Goh!

My proud parents!

Arrindel and me :D

Me and kimberly!

Karen lee and me!

So that's all I guess! See you again soon, and this time I cant promise I'll be updating so soon. Been really busy with SPM, and I hope you guys pray for me haha and ofcourse good luck to all the UPSR, PMR AND SPM CANDIDATES!


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