Friday, September 14, 2012

The Story Behind The Ink.

Hello everybody,

If anyone of you followed my twitter, or my facebook, you guys might know the fact that I have a tattoo. Yes, I'm 17 and I have a tattoo at this age. It's very illegal but it's my body and I can do whatever with it right? lol not literally whatever.

A lot of people been complimenting how beautiful my tattoo is and stuff, and there is also some people criticised me of me having a tattoo. Some people asked why, but I never tell them the real reason. All I said was because I like tattoos. Yes true, I ADORE TATTOOS. But, y'know.. I never had the courage to ink myself. Just imagining 5 needles or more penetrating through your skin at once in about 1 hour is just.....terrifying. 

When I was in KL, I pierced my belly. I never had the thoughts of doing so, but because my friends did it and I just wanna try new things that is something I will never ever done it before. After all the pain I had experienced in life, I finally pierced myself. Same goes to tattoo, it's very hard to explain why I did so. Life have been pretty good, but some of the days are just depressing. So I decided to tattoo myself and remind myself to be happy everyday. Mum told me that I shouldn't reminisce and being sad or cry over little things that I lost in life especially the one I loved. I was upset because she didn't understand how I felt, how unloved I felt. So immature isn't it? but yes I was depressed and hurt. Then mum said, "remember I love you and God loves you too", and that is when my tattoo design came about, to remind myself I am loved despite all the pain people cause me, I decided to ink "Dio e Amore" which means " God is Love" in Italian to remind myself that no matter what, God loves me and His love is forever

"God is Love"

I'm happy with my tattoos and I never gonna regret having it. I'm not saying you should ink yourself too, if you love tattoos as much as I do, please don't do it for the sake of nothing, do it for the sake of inspiration, let the tattoo isnpire you and be inspired. That way, you will never ever regret the ink you got on your body. :)

Here are some of the nice tattoos I saw in tumblr that I thought it's really nice. hehe

For your information, my parents didnt know any of this but I decided to tell them after I turned 18. So to all my lovely readers, I trust you. HAHA. so I guess that's about all for today's post! xoxo

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