Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysia day!

Hello guys, how is it been going for ya'll? It's Malaysia Day today and Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians!

How did you guys spend with Malaysia Day? Did you guys had fun? WELL I DID! but, actually I celebrate my Malaysia's day on 15 September 2012. What do they call that again? Malaysia's Eve Day? lol. sounds unnatural.

I had so much fun yesterday! First of all, I went to Curtin's Open Day. Nothing much going on around, just food stall, games, stuff, charity, talent show and all that. But, I went back earlier because It was a really hot day and I felt like as if my skin was burning!

Me and the Human Life Service team, they had a booth in Business school building, they talked about the wrong doings of human having abortion and they also showed how precious life is.

Got hungry and we had Nachos for brunch!
Me and cousin deborah!

The only thing I really spent on in Curtin was Henna. I love Henna! If possible, I wanna have it as my tattoo haha I think mum will kill be definitely. My henna was abit too complicated and the artist was really tired but it took about 15 minutes to finish my henna!

LOL. Ignore my troll face. I'm with the beautiful artist, she's amazing.

After Curtin, I went to Parkson to watch this Urban Street Fashion Show. I wanted to see my friends struting their stuff on stage and I promised Emma that I'll join her to watch too. It was pretty funny, because most of the models are amateurs/ beginners so when they walk, it's a bit akward. One of the model, I think she partied at the night before, the way she walked was really wobbly and I was afraid she might trip and she did...trip. It was embarrassing ! I was literally screaming when I watched her wobbly walking and she kept tripping and she almost fell down from the stage. oh thank god. but overall the fashion show was okay :)

I love this girl, she's so skinny and pretty and the way she walk was (Y) !

John Lee, emma's brother. His mum was like " my handsome little baby!" aww so cute ahaha and Emma literally kept called out to his name "ma handsome boy" or "woohoo seo yoon jae! "  if you dont know seo yeon jae, check out this Korean drama named "Big" , the male main character is Seo Yeon Jae and John looks like him. lol 

Chrissy Anderson Woods! She's gorgeous!
Azizi. HAHA. He looked really tiny and cute on stage ! I heard he was sick, but he did a really good job on stage! Me and Emma literally screaming our lungs out for azizi ! He was really shy ahah poor boy. Too bad Sheera wasn't there to witness her boyfriend strutting their stuff on stage.

So After this whole fashion thingo, I went to Miri Street Basketball in competition in Ming's street to watch my friends compete. They blocked the whole street for this event called, "Street Party" at night but they have this Futsal and Basketball tournament in noon. It was REALLY HOT. I cannot stand the weather!

Me and my cute litter junior, Ken Lim.

Me and all my juniors and yesssss I'm the oldest there. I'm trying to feel younger ok? 

Kelvin Liaw! Look! He is so cute playing with the little kids!

Kevin Giovanni! 
After the match, I went home to go tuition. Yes, I go to tuition and I'm a good girl ! Then, I went to street party in Ming's street. Too bad I didnt have much pictures of street party. :( They even have flashmob going on, how cool is that? but too bad I didnt join so sad hahaha.

After street party there is always an after party! We went to Celebrities! Probably the most famous club in Miri, even the other day Jane Chuck was in the club too when she was in Miri. HAHA. 

Lets get the party started!!!! 

Emma, Naomi and Me!

Me and my favourite girl, emma!
With the gorgeous Jamie!

And ofcourse, chrissy! She was freaking tall omg, I had to tiptoed and as you can see in the picture I'm still very short..... sad.

So I guess this is all for today and HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY! xoxo


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