Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jazz festival 2012

My airbrush tattoo, " I am who I am" in Thai.

Heloouuu everyone, and again I'm back a month of disappearance from blogging. I'm soo busy to the extend that I might let my inner Bruce Lee to kong fu anyone I see. SPM is killing me inside, lol too stressful :(  It's end of May, andd when was my last post? oh god kill me, it hurts me to let my blog die off, but I'm so glad that I still have tiny-whiny amount of audience came my blog everyday to check if I blogged. I love you guys!

Have you guys heard of the Borneo Jazz Festival? oh yes, I bet you've heard. The fliers were everywhere, to my surprise, I saw Borneo Jazz Festival's fliers around Kuala Lumpur months ago when I was there, how cool. I bet youngsters over there don't really cares, but you guys should have come! It was... what's that word again....AWESOME. let me emphasize it again... OWEE- SEM. 

Where should I start, too many things to write but I don't know where to start. I'm so hyper now, lol wtf.
Maybe I should start from the first night, btw I went to 2 nights during Jazz festival! thanks to my friends, I have tooonsssssssss of free tickets and lol and I have no one to give to I still have the unused tickets with me tho. So on the first night, I hung out with the guys. yes only the guys. It was okay tho, we did had a great time :)

me and neilie

neilie, moses, traxx fm's dj double d and me.

SLIXS! Slixs was my favourite favourite performance of the night, I meant for the whole Jazz fest! I can't believe they didn't perform for the finales for Jazz gest in the second night, the jazz festival would have ended perrrrrrrrfecccccccccccccccccctly. I didnt say that jazz fest ended badly, but if they were to perform during finales, jazz fest would have been BEYOND OWEE-SEM.  omaigoodness. i love them. They can do bass and all kind of sounds with only their voice how cool is that, acapella magic. The best thing they ever did was they did the  sounds in the jungle all the weird noises of insects, they did with only their voice! Fyi, they performed in my school too haha! We students were dancing around in the hall. The principal didn't even bother us for being misbehaved.

And this is the guy I loved the most! He has the move the voice, the body, the looks oh God he is hot. I hugged him btw, well not only me. Most girls in school hugged him hahah.

Now on the 2nd night, finales for Jazz Festival! It wasssssssssssss awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Maybe I had bigger gangs joine me compare to the first night. 

Timmy and me :) He's awesome that day, he danced really sexily!

Rachel, me and bec! Bec just finished her photoshoot and she looked gorgeous! She had this I call it beehive hair, but it looks awesome!

Rachel and me!

We took a picture and again with DJ Double D. DJ Double D really acknowledge us and some of our friends were really jealous and guess what he kissed me on my head! hahahaha and one of my friend asked if he could kissed my head so he can have some of DJ Double D's kiss left on my head lol. and I let him hahaha. Fyi, I was really really tipsy. And oh, DJ Double D was awesome. He got me dancing on the dance floor when he was DJ-ing !

See the drink I was holding, it's beer. The beer was awesome, it tastes like apple juice instead of beer, that's why I really liked it :p It was illegal for kids below 18, i'm 17 btw but I don't care. I looked like an 18 btw harhar. shh, kids below 18 you should never follow my footstep. 

Neilie, vannessa and me!

The crazy granddaughter and me. Yes, she calls me nenek. and I'm younger than her but I looked older than her. fmllll haha

This is my random friend, lol he walked around with this horse thingo on his head and camwhored with random strangers.

People dancing to jazzz music.

Some thai performers, and the guy at far right.. I fell in love with him. hahahahahah he's hot :p we kept shouting " I love you" to him in thai and he did this love shape thing with hand to us. ahh, I'm melting noww.

Mr saxman! he was awesome!!! 

There's a lot more performers, but I didn't have time to take pictures of them cuz most of the time I walked around to grab some food to eat yes, I love to eat and that explains my body type. :p

So that's all I guess, if you guys have the chance to come to miri, be sure to attend to Jazz Festival! :) so that's all xoxo!


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