Sunday, August 23, 2015

Los Angeles Adventure Part 2

Here comes my 2nd post for my LA trip! The reason why I decided to divide them into 2 it's because I loved loved loved LA, and it's kinda hard to put them in just one post. LA is a perfect place for creative and artistic people, people who appreciates art, just like me. One of my favourite place that I went was LACMA-Urban light. Urban light was really beautiful and romantic, if you were to go there alone with your partner, but too bad, tourists invaded the place when I was there ( I'm a tourist myself, lol) 

Then, we went to Little Tokyo because i'm such a sucker for asian food. I can't handle western food, I don't even like burgers!!

A must place that anyone should go is Griffith Observatory, that's where you'll be able to see the whole of LA. Mind you, i was there during American independence day, it was full of people! I wanted to hike the mountain and take a great picture at the Hollywood sign but my stupid flats gave me blisters and pain and I couldn't hike. I'll come back soon and hike that mountain!

Last but not least my favourite favourite place that I went in LA was the beaches. I went to both Santa Monica and Venice beach. It was spectacular. The view and the people, it's crazy. Although, I must say I loved venice beach more than santa monica. Santa Monica was pretty cold when we got there, cuz we got there late. I only wore my bikini for picture sake. Other than that, I just wore my hoodie. AAND IT'S STILL COLD. how is that possible.

Venice beach was incredible, I saw a lot of interesting people. It was warmer in Venice beach because we went there around 1pm. I tried to get tanned, instead i became yellow #asianproblem. Venice beach has boardwalk where people sell weird stuff around. I kinda got myself culture shocked, but it's a good shock anyways. I loved it!

So I guess that's all for my LA blogpost. If you are not a fan of reading, you can always go to my youtube channel and watch the rest of my adventure and remember to subscribe and support!

Thank you all.

Till Then,


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