Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sleeping In Airport Isn't Too Bad After All

Waiting in Airport for terrible. Especially you have connecting flights and between your connecting flights you have to wait such long hours, goodness.

So not too long ago, I arrived KLIA2 so early in the morning from Johor to get my flight back to Sarawak. Trip from Muar, Johor to KLIA2 is already long enough (2 hours) and I had to wait for my flight that only departed at 7pm. Sure, KLIA2 has crazy malls and restaurants to go to, but there's no way I can walk around KLIA2 for 7-8 hours. I thought of sleeping on some seats I can find ( such grace lol)

Lucky me, I stumbled upon this interesting looking place, it looks like a cafe to me, but it's not! It's a Capsule by Container Hotel. When I say it is a Container hotel, it is a container, you're gonna sleep like in small container which probably explained the name "capsule".
Usually travelers that needed to wait for their next flight will probably get their rest here. It's a little pricey for people that's on a budget, but for me the price is alright because sleep is much more important for me. hehe
3 hours -RM45, 6 hours - RM70, and 12 hours RM90. (please correct me if i'm wrong because I have a bad memory) but it should be more or less around that price. Provided with locker key, container key and also bath towel.

Will you look at that? Yes that is how small is your container, cute huh?

Please pardon my naked/lack of sleep face.

They divided the place into 2 sections, male and female, for you naughty kids tryna have hanky panky time, nah too bad this place isn't for you, and bear in mind they're not sound proof! It's cosy and comfortable. They even have strong wifi in case you can't sleep just like me. LOL

And yes my darlings, you can take a shower. You don't have to really need any toiletries if you just need a quick shower, they provide you shower gel. And I like their japanese-ish hipster-ish design!

Did I mention I thought it was a cafe? Actually sort of, yeah, they also have common room or cafe whatever you call it, to hang out and order some good coffee to keep you awake after that long nap.

That's all for now, I hope this helps anyone of you that needed a place to rest before the next flight. Now you can have comfortable sleep!

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  1. This is a good info and good sharing piece. Wish they had this kind of bunk beds in LCCT & KLIA when I was in KL. I used to take the earliest flight to Kuching everytime I plan to go home last time. Waiting in the airport with no where to rest throughout the night is really tiring.

    In yesteryears, we will have to fight for the benches if we want to take a nap while waiting for our flight. In many occasions, most of us will just rest in the corners with just our backpack or luggage bag as pillow. Whoever brought this Capsule Container idea in KLIA2 is a genius.

    1. Thank you! Wow, That was a horrible experience, and I totally understand you because I fly a lot too!

  2. Wow never knew Malaysia had these too. Thought it'd be years until we finally get one. Thank god for these! Thanks fer sharin!


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