Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Saturday In Food Industries

Just me sipping on my pandan which cost only RM1.

In my home of Miri, Sarawak, I always eat home cooked meal, barely eat outside because my mother is a health-freak and my dad is a great cook, but ever since I settled down in KL (not really, still trying to find a nice place to stay) for my studies, I barely eat home cooked meal, it's probably due to my laziness to cook or my packed schedule, and if i do cook, i don't eat much and my leftover cooked food will go to waste. So my worst come to worst choice is to eat my money with outside food. Can say 70% of my monthly allowance goes to food (guilty!), so i had to find inexpensive food for my daily meals but nope, I always end up eating high-end food because of my expensive taste-buds, don't get me wrong though, I appreciate hawker food as well.     

After my short 2 weeks of semester break, I thought hey, I should catch up with my close friend (Samantha) and have lunch with her. We wanted to go to After Black which is just behind Sunway University but it was full and we had to wait 20 mins for a seat. Na-uh, no way I can wait that long, I was starving like a mad bull. So we went to Food Industries, it was really well hidden and it took us a lot of turnings to reach our destination! I feel bad for Samantha tho, but it's okay she loves me :P

Food Industries is located somewhere between workshops and their building is the combination of protestant church and Food Industries. I was told that Food Industries is opened by one of the church member so that is why it is in the same building as the church! I think the building is more like a warehouse? idk.

This is the restaurant part of the Food Industries, It's very wide and quiet since it's well-hidden and also very calming! They serve mainly Asian Cuisine and it's all affordable too! A place like this usually charge their meal with a range of RM15-RM25, but their price range is around RM6-RM10 just for food if I'm not mistaken! I ordered my self Salted Egg Fried Glass Noodle. I never tried one of these but the name sounded intriguing I had to order it. The appearance of the food does not look appealing, but guess what? It's tasted heavenly! I swear, I would definitely go and rave about this dish to people, it's so good and it's definitely worth every bit of your money and mine cost only RM8!

Food industries itself is divided into 2 sections, the restaurant and the cafe (greyskymorning)
 Coffee enthusiast like myself will go crazy about this place because of their quality coffee and the interior design of the cafe gave a very relaxing ambiance with great amount of sunlight which is perfect for student like me to have an afternoon study.

The cafe itself mainly serves cakes and coffee with the price range between RM7-RM11 (RM11 for cakes), pretty affordable huh?  I ordered myself flat white, flat white usually taste bitter with a hint of sweetness and you barely taste the sweetness, but the one I ordered here has a good balance between bitter and sweet, and i can taste the sweetness alright. Cost only RM9
, I must say it's worth for the money.

Lets end this post with my candid weird expression, obviously I was talking to Sam about something and she cannot stop taking picture of me lol. I never met someone who is willing to take picture of someone else except herself LOL. I think I should reconsider hire her as my personal photographer in the next future. hmm.

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  1. What camera you use to take those picture? So clear and bright :)


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