Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Nail Same Outfit In One Day For Different Ocassion?

blue playsuit, one outfit in one day

Busy girls like myself will probably have the problem of not having the time to go home to dress up for a party or an event after class or work due to our hectic schedule and pack more outfits it's definitely not really our choice, because it is really tedious, anyone feel me yet?  yessssss I don't normally do this but when I have no choice but to nail one outfit in one day for different occasion here's how I do it!

playsuit: Tokyo street pavillion KL
Cardigan: Bershka
Pointed low heel: Indonesia

Before heading to class, I'll of course plan ahead of what I wanted to wear, I first pick up the main outfit that I'm gonna wear for 2 different occasions which is of course the blue playsuit! I'll add a piece of my cotton cardigan to cover my shoulder to make my outfit to be more appropriate for class or work! I like to wear a low-heeled pointed heels to add an extra inch in my height without feeling uncomfortable. 

blue playsuit

same outfit in one day, black heels
Statement Necklace:
Black suede pumps: Forever 21

For my outfit for 2nd occasion either a party or maybe fashion event, of course you would want to stand out in the crowd! In order to do that, I'll of course add a few simple things to spice up my look! Because my make up was already natural for class/work, all we needed to add is a little colour to face and bold lipstick will definitely do the trick! It's the easiest and the fastest way to make as if you did so much effort for your make-up! Don't forget accessories to add an extra spice to the outfit, and ofcourse 5 inch black suede pumps will definitely make a person stand out pretty good!

What you may want to prepare:
Outwear - incase if your main outfit is revealing for work/school
Assecories - Spice up your event/party look
Bold lipstick - easy and fast to make up looks complete
Extra shoes - In case, you need to add extra character or height

How about you guys? 
Do you guys often wear the same clothes for different occasion as well?
How did ya'll play with your looks with the same outfit? 

I would love to know!

That is all for now, hope this post help for you busy bees out there, if it did, feel free to comment and leave me an email for any questions or dilemma!



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