Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lookbook // 3 Casual Looks // Video Blog

Hey guys! How are you guys doing? It's been awhile I did post related to fashion isn't it? I missed it! So for the past few days or weeks lol, I did a little short filming on my looks instead of taking pictures of my looks. It was super fun but I was a bit awkward and shy about it because I don't know how to post and twirl and making myself look beautiful, pardon me for the major awkwardness. But then again, I enjoyed doing it yeay! Thanks to my 2 favourite people, Samantha ong and also my boyfriend Daniel, took the initiative to film although I get a little fussy and... stiff at a time hehehehe.

Anyways, this video blog I'll be showing you guys 3 Casual looks, or which I could say, the clothes that I usually wear! So.... yea. I hope you guys enjoy watching it and remember to subscribe for more upcoming videos yeah and if you have a youtube channel too and would like to share it with me feel free to leave your link down at the comments below, would love to watch them! I'm a big fan of all youtubers, whether you are a youtube star or not :) Sharing is caring. Anyways, that's all for now, see you guys soon!


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  1. Aww i just enjoy reading your blog! Will be happy to see you in my blog

    Mind to follow me? Will follow you back, just comment on my blog! :)


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