Monday, September 8, 2014

Borneo Bound!

Hey guys ! How have you guys been doing? So this is a really overdue post but I decided to post it up and write it anyway. Just few months ago, before the Indonesia trip, I went back to my hometown (duh?) for Summer break or should I say Summer break. My KL friends said that they want to see how my life was in "jungle" which is Sarawak, I was offended (lol) but I told them that they should see how it's like themselves. So they book tickets and flew off to Sabah and Sarawak. (yeayers!)

Ofcourse I brought them to eat famous food in Sarawak like, Kolok Mee and Sarawak Laksa, they enjoyed it and I'm glad. I wanted to bring them to Mulu cave but too bad, they're only staying in Sarawak for 2 days before heading off to Sabah for 3 days.

Since, most of my friends are goodie shoes, I decided make them loosen up themselves (lol, bad influence) by drinking a little, but little did I know, it was a bad bad choice because most of them can't even put them back on their feet and I'm such a small size, but nevermind that. We had tonnes of fun!

My Miri friends that I didn't meet for a year ( i miss them) and my KL friend getting along pretty well!

So on the 3rd day, we had to Sabah, what's famous for Sabah? Ofcourse, their beautiful beaches and Island so we went to Island hoping and did some water activity!

Enough of writing, watch my youtube videos and see more! :D And ofcourse guys, subscribe for more videos. :)


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