Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hair goes blue!

Feeling a little tired lately due to having lots and lots of assignments piling up and as well other mid-term is coming up but I'm feeling more motivated lately to write a blogpost.
So here's something that'm I'm really excited to share, which is having my hair go in blue colour! I've always wanted to bleach my hair to try crazy colour but I have no confidence to have such crazy idea to do so! I'm a bit skeptical about getting my hair bleach and damage them since my hair already damage.

But I decided to throw on my crazy ideas into reality anyways...

Thanks to Restyle by A cut above, I was given the chance to do a hair makeover! yeayyyyyys.

My stylist Kenji been advising me how bad is bleaching for my hair since my hair is already bad and advised me to do some normal touch-up, but me as usual a stubborn girl wanted to make my blue-haired-me dreams come true. He suggested a highlight instead which made my hair a little less damage than it was. So yessss here's the outcome!

Hairstylist Kenji being very kind and patience towards my hair and uses my hair with Loreal product. Took him 8 hours, to get this outcome. From bleaching my hair twice, taking strands by strands of my hair for my highlight, to dying it blue, to dying the base colour which is dark ash brown. I had a severe butt cramps having to seat o the chair for over 8 hours! LOL. After the dying process, I was given treatment as well, to make my hair healthier. yeayyyyyy

say hello to Mr. Kenji

Anyways, that's all for now. Big thanks to Restyle by A Cut Above and Socialgrooves for this makeover! xx



  1. Oh god! And here I thought that the 6 hour rebonding I went through was long! haha ^^;
    Kudos to you for going through all that for your hair, which really paid off in my honest opinion!
    It looks completely blue at first glance even though it's been highlighted, Kenji is pretty great at what he does! =D
    Question: Is your blue a semi-permanent Manic Panic as well?
    If so, I feel you and good luck with the first few washes! ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. It was really really long. hahahha! Thanks babe :) Yes, it is blue at first but it started to fade. No dear, I dont think it's semi-permanent manic panic. He used Loreal product :)


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