Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kenko's Fish Spa @ Pavillion

HI! Kinda disappointed at myself and again I only update after few weeks of hibernating, actually no, i'm kind of busy lately that I get no inspiration at all to do some blogging, I'm so ashamed of calling myself a "blogger" but don't worry guy, this month I'm quite motivated because I'm moving to a new place and gonna start studying in Taylor's, so if any of you studying in Taylor's right now, feel free to comment down below, we could totally be bestfriends :P & I especially wanna meet new blogger friends that shares the same passion as I am.

okay back to work.

Last month, I had one of the most relaxing month ever, I got my hair done, I got my face done, I got my spa done, thanks to Butterfly Malaysia Project, I had the chance to feed the fish, as in soaking my feet in the water and let the fish eat my dirt on the ma skin. HAHA

 Well to be honest, I didn't know the existence of Kenko's Fish Spa in Pavillion, lets just say I walked from end to end just find where's Kenko Fish Spa is and I find out it's just at the corner opposite of GSC, which I passed through zillions time!

it's totally a got to place for busy chic like me always roaming around the city can't find a place to just chill, so thanks Butterflies, I get the chance to atleast sit down and enjoy my feet getting tickled by fish, I totally in love with this place because you are totally facing these huge window facing the city, you can just chill, getting your feet cleaned and enjoy people-watching. lol

Me and beautiful butterflies, met few friends there, i'm abit of an awkward penguin, trying to be more sociable if I wanna be an active blogger.

Me & caroline's feet, look how clean our feets are!

I guess that's all, if any of you drop by pavillion, feel free to visit Kenko's Fish Spa, and let me know what you think.

Till then, cheers!


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