Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lookbook// Twist Your Look

Hi beautiful ladies out there, Have you ever have that problem that you are so attached to certain outfit that you decided to wear it everyday and you didn't even realize it until one day someone just go up to you and commented, "girl, did you wear the same dress 2 days ago?" TERROR. lol I know everyone, both boys&girl, have the same problem. Now, I shall show you some of the outfit that I tend to wear almost every single time cuz they're so lovely so comfy to wear!
1. Topshop Long Sleeve Grey Crop Top
2. H&M Studded Denim Outerwear
2. H&M Platform Zipper Boots

here are some mix & match to my clothes so I can look slightly different :P

Okay, to a typical raver look, I tend to go for croptops and shorts, because usually during a rave party i'm pretty hot and everybody tend to sweat. For a shorty like me, I had, I mean I must use heels, but you just don't want to have blister all over, a platform boots will come to the rescue! it's comfy to wear and plus, bonus inches of height :P 

What I love about this Denim jacket is because of the studded patterns at the back of the jacket, it totally add a little rocker characteristics into it, as you know, I love bad girl look :P

 Ditch the party, I'm going for chic look, I threw on a pair of denim high waisted skirt, that defines my waist to give me more a feminine look! Perfect for everyday!

For girls that's not a fan of a strong look, more into sweet girly style, don't worry, pair yourself up with a neon dress! You don't wanna look too boring! For girls like me that prefer a little edge into the outfit, I threw on ofcourse, my favourite denim jacket!!!! :D

Alright, I guess that's all and I hope this post helps! Happy weekend xoxo



  1. You're right, I always tend to wear the same clothes, even if my closet is full!

  2. I just found your blog and adore it, can't wait for more posts!

    Lucy x


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