Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hi ladies, I know there are times you are torn between being mature and being quirky because your age is between 17 and 21 and you don't know which and what to style yourself into, and that's what I'm having right now, but as you know, i'm not quite of a "sweet and cute" kind of girl, altho my pictures portray "sweet and cute" cuz ya i'm just so bad at looking bad altho i wear edgy all the time!

Anyway's here are some of the set I made from my polyvore for this look where you don't have to look too young or too mature for your age! Hopefully i get the chance to have myself in it next time, maybe..... when I got myself a new cam. :P
Flirty & Edge

Got yourself a super cute dress but you wore them every single time, in every single occasion? here's some tips, pair up with your coat if you have one, if not maybe your leather jackets, add in a black sling bag, it could be in any brand! and the most essential part of being bad is having yourself some BOOTS! Get yourself a boots, like now. This can tone down the sweet and cute style, even without the coat and the bag! Red lipstick is a MUST in being bad!

Quirky Overalls
Overalls is one of the tricky piece that is pretty hard to pull off, even I sometimes get really irritated because I always have problem pulling it off, so what's the key of having overalls for people that doesn't want to portray cuteness in their look? CROP TOP and ANKLE BOOTS! Since your pieces are mostly in black, I totally recommend on getting yourself a statement piece for your croptops that screams " LOOK AT ME", so you don't have look oh-so-boring all the time, especially when you're a dark colour lover like me.

Don't near me

This is one of my fav look I did, it portrays a young and powerful woman. Baroque prints outfits are so IN right now, its print is so loud that people couldn't take their eyes of it, since the halter neck top is so plain, adding a loud print bottoms would make the whole look has more personality, I added Celine bag and Valentino heels to make the whole outfit looks expensive and gives the definition of luxury that defines a powerful lady, and ofcourse chocker, studs and red lipstick add more dimension into the whole powerful look and makes a person look few years younger!

So I guess this would help for the ladies out there!

Till then, cheers!


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