Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dash Berlin 2013

Hello guys, how have you been doing? Sorry for the lack of updates cuz I was having finals, and now I finished! YEAY! Guess where I am now? Ofcourse, I'm back in Sarawak. I'm such a happy kiddo!

So anyway, just a short and quick update what I have been doing after finals. Well, keep calm and rave on babeh. Dash Berlin came to town and we headed to Sepang for a quick partying. I actually had no idea who was Dash Berlin but I went because the tickets was extremely cheap for a rave party so I decide to go with my seniors and some buddies from Sarawak. The rave was okay, I expected more but nahh it was just fine. Fmfa was better lol :/ but overall I had fun with my peeps. Who cares about what's going on when you had a great time with amazing people! haha.

Oh btw, the sunglasses above my head is not mine sobs :( I dropped mine in the queue and cannot find it anymore because there too many people and they pushed tiny little girl like me, i'm so fragile I might get stepped along the way but thank god I didnt.

With Yeoh Pang Yean 

Nelson my awesome miri buddy

\Zhong lik and Daniel

Handsome Isaac

Johnson and I

My seniors, they're amazing people

Miri buddies, Debbie, freeze, Nelson and one johorian, daniel.

Me, freeze and le random people we met

Freeze, Daniel and Sharmen!!

And not to forget, these beautiful ladies.

That's all guys, I need some sleep.




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