Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kuala Lumpur #2

Hello everyone! Forgive me for my lack of updating this blog! Anyway, it's Easter and Happy Easter everyone!  This week had been really busy, thank goodness school gave us 3 days of holidays, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! For those that didn't get school holiday, feel so sorry for you bro. HAHA this is the advantage of staying in Sarawak and studying in Riam Road Secondary School! I'm not promoting my school, I'm just saying. :O 

Anyway today I'm going to blog about my 2nd day of Kuala Lumpur trip! Guess where we went? GENTING! Okay, I'm not a fan of Genting to be honest lol, Genting... boring. lol! No offence, but I never liked Genting except when I was a kid, haha! There's not much of thrilling rides except the space shot. Goodness! But I love shopping in Genting, so much discounts especially Nike's! Too bad I didn't buy any of the shoes, sad much and I regretted! 

Early in the morning in Monorail to go KL central to go genting, everyone look dead and sleepy especially me :P

What's important during travelling? ofcourse comforts! Thanks to my converse, no blisters !

In the cable!

Pardon us for our vanity!

There's not much game we played, most of the game we played are.....terrible! we wasted like 80 plus? for express card and the games are not nice, seriously! we went to this ghost pirate house all I hear was fake scream from the terrible audio, and I was waiting for ghost, but no ghost! terrible!

And this is the 2nd best game so far besides spaceshot! The guys was like omg this is so lame, it doesnt look scary, when the ride on it HA! They were shouting and they were freaking scared, they did a challenge for we gang to sing our school song along the trill ride to show how brave we are or just to stop us from screaming but at the end, the only one continue singing till the end of the ride was Bi Xiang, the guy that sat beside me. I was singing went the ride when up, but half way down, I cannot stop saying " omg" LOL. What a failure, it was really funny! This shows how much we loved our school LOL.

Where the singing began.

This is during the waiting of spaceshot ride, lol I look like I smell his back from ths picture, weird much!

The fatso, me enjoying eating fat fat fat candy, omg so fat!

Edmund, he is in charge of taking pictures and videos of us since we didnt join any of the trill rides, I guess he's just afraid LOL

It's cold in Genting and I'm eating ice cream HAHAH! :D So what? I'm just hungry and again fatso eating fat fat fat fat ice-cream.

This is another trill ride, well not really. It's just pirate ship, all we did was laughing because this ride really tickles our tummy hahah! and in that ride, we compete our screams with everyone opposite us, haha! lol we're just so funny.

We're in LONDON. not.

Baby ride, my ship cannot fly due to Voon ping! He's too fat! Everyone is flying except for our ship, sad!

Another trill ride :)

After all the trill rides, well we didnt go alot of rides since we had no time we went inside the mall and went to Ripley's believe or not! Honestly, this place was way better than all the games outside. Educational and interesting and fun too! seriously!

Horny guys.
How dare they mocked my boyfriend.

Yes, Ripley's is my boyfriend. awesome said AHAHHA. Fyi, I didn't touch my lips unto the statue lol.

Loook how interesting inside Ripley's believe it or not!

OMG. This is what happened when your single, you just wanna make out with anything anywhere! Get a room Edmund lim.

Funny boys!

I took this picture through a hole, scary right? 

Diamonds! It looks real and it's 4D. You can touch the diamond but you can't feel it. Interesting.

This is the chastity belt, people back then not allowed to have sex so girls have to wear this to keep their virginity until they're married. weird uh? How the girls pee then?

Vampire killing kit! omg, so cool.

Guess this made of what? Human's hair!

FEELING LUCKY. You guys should sit this chair before go in to the casino, who knows you'll win billions? Just saying!

LOL. We look the same eih?

Sweet! No one doing this, just shadows. We took a photo and shadows just stayed there. SO COOL

This place is freaking pretty! If only Miri has this, wait if only my room were like this hahah

Freaking cool right? :O

Some rings I bought in genting, cheap!

So I guess that's all, we had a lot of fun! Too much pictures cannot post it all up here.
I forgot a lot of things that happened but all I know we had a great time, I hope you guys enjoy my post. So stay tuned to the next post okay? 

That's all for today and xoxo!


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