Sunday, December 11, 2011

The City of Malacca

Sooo, it has been awhile since I blog. So as promise I'm gonna blog about my trip to Malacca with my family.It was pretty exhausting but it was really fun! It has been awhile since I had vacation with family, usually friends, it was good you know to have that some family time alone. It's not like I always spend time with my family anyways. I never been to Malacca, it was my first time and we went there for just  2 days and 1 night. 

So here are the pictures of cool places we gone to.

An old restaurant somewhere in Jonker Walk Street.

an old building.

Church of St Francis Xavier

Malacca is a really beautiful place and it's clean, a part from the historical stuffs that you can see here, you also can taste the delicious delicacy of Malacca. Especially the Chicken Rice Ball, it is very famous there, and I have no idea why. lol.


Malacca's river.

In front of Christ Church. I look pathetic and fat

The street of Malacca

Casa De Rio.

The old Portugese ship

In St Paul's church

A  night view of Malacca's river.

Sorry for the short post, will do long post and fashion post soon. xx


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  1. I was in Malacca 2 weeks ago and went to all these places, nice holiday with great food and of course, Jonker is must.


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