Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas' wear!

*Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell...*

Christmas is around the corner! In fact, it is this Sunday!
Excited yet? :) well I'm one of the person in the world is very excited for Christmas! Christmas is a very big festival indeed, so wear the best that you can be!

No idea what to wear? Here, I give u some ideas, and it might be really useful for everyone, so read on and find out more! :)

Winter? Dont want to wear excessive ugly clothes? Pair up with sweater at the outside and checkered long sleeve shirt inside! and of course, long denim to keep warm!

Be cute and yet keeping yourself warm with cardigan and leggings! Details such as necklace will make you look more interesting!

Love details? check this really cute leopard flats with tiny ears!

Add some Christmas spirits with red colour!
Dont be boring, add some neon colours and interesting details in your dressing!

Loving dull colour yet looking elegant? These images might give you some inspirations.

That's all for now! will post more posts soon. Keep support me and like my page on facebook, oh and dont forget to follow me on twitter too!

Dont forget to be a good person so you will get what you want for Christmas from Santa! :3

Wishes from me and my dad and...Sticky lool. xx



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