Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls On Top.

Sounds wrong isn't it? no? well to me, it is quite wrong haha! Well that's my dance crew name. So obviously, I'm gonna post about our performance for someone's wedding in Marriott, well of course we  don't do it for free, we get big money! Not gonna tell you how much, later you guys rob us or whatsoever nah just kidding.
There's 5 of us in the group, Xuan , Yea En, Naomi, Miko and ME! Alvynna, duh. hahah don't tell me you don't know my name, u heartless people. LOL kidding kidding.
So this are my girls, Do I look the fattest there? shut up, yes im the fattest there because they're as skinny as fish HAHA, no offends :P Sometime I do get jealous of their skinny body and small ass, I would cheer myself up by saying, so what I have boobs, and I have J-lo ass. HAHAHHA, okay no offends, just for the sake of building my self esteem. T-T

So that's Miko and Yea En :D

I'm the oldest there, doesnt seem to like it right? I KNOWWWW. It seems like im in the same age as them, ahhahaha. okay just kidding.

So that's me trying to be Romeo, any Juliet out there plan to get my rose? lol.

That's Aaron!

Miko, and the only picture I photoshopped. I'm friggin lazy to photoshopped nowadays. Everything is my natural face okay?

Naomi, Yea En, Miko, Me, and Xuan. Why was I in white? cuz im special, nah kidding, idk why am in white anyway and it's very obvious I danced wrongly since im in white. How embarrassing! :(

Okay, so if you guys want us to dance for your event, do email me at
and oh sorry cuz I have no videos with me. :( Next performance I try to put on Video, frigging blogspot load so slow, I wanna change to Wordpress, but I'm frigging lazy. Wait till I rich lah, I'll ask any web designer do for me, HAHAH.

FYI, notice any changes in my blog? Yes I have my Instagram on the side of my blog and I deleted my Ipod in the blog, effing annoying . Not everybody likes my music anyway! I hope you guys still read my blog eventhough no music. :P okayyy, I LOVE YOU ALL.


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