Monday, January 30, 2017

What To Do In Krabi For 48 Hours

Yes, we were In Krabi for 3 Days and 2 nights, and to be exact we were only there for 48 Hours. We reached Krabi in the morning on the 1st day, and the 3rd day we left at 8am. So to be exact we were only there for 48 hours. I do not recommend to stay such a short period of time because there were so many things to do in Krabi, but we couldn't do it all because of time constraint. 

1. Explore Aonang Beach

When we reached, we wasted so much time walking around aonang area trying to figure out what to do while waiting for check in time in our villa. However, Aonang has a lot of things to offer, they have cool shops and nice restaurant for you to dine in. There have random tattoo shops, massage parlours! Typical Alvy, I went to the massage parlour and had  one of the best and the most painful massage I did in my entire life. 

Massages service here is really cheap as well, you can easily get them around 250 baht for full body massage for one hour. 

However, don't expect the food here to be cheap, because it's a tourist attraction after all, you can easily spend around 200baht per meal. If you're okay with street food, I recommend trying this street phad thai that we discovered a long the streets. It was only 80baht!

2. Kayaking in Ao Thalene 

On our 1st day, of course, we decided to do something more adventurous. I never kayaked and i really wanted to do some kayaking. We went to Ao Thalene to Kayak, it was about 30-40 minutes drive from Aonang to Ao Thalene, so I do recommend to get urself a taxi if you travel in a big group, or rent a bike, if you know how to ride a motorbike of course. Ao Thalene is famous for its beautiful mangrove forest along the river. You will first kayak in open ocean, then you will then stop in this mini beach that you can rest and take good picture. If the tide is higher, you will able to kayak to more routes and visit more lagoon and caves, but too bad for us the tide was low so we didn't manage to see everything that Ao Thalene has to offer. Precautionary, you need strong arms! Kayaking in Ao Thalene took around 2 hours to finish, basically you will kayak for 7km! It was definitely one of the most tiring but ironically relaxing activity we did. Kayak in Ao Thalene cost 600baht per person. It's definitely worth it.

3. Island Hopping (Phi-phi Islands) 

Monkey Beach

Krabi will not be worth it if you don't do island hopping, obviously. Phi-phi islands was beautiful! Scenery was amazing, the view was spectacular. I have no words to describe it. To get to Phi-phi islands, you will need to do a bit of research, probably walk around Ao Nang street to check out the best package that suits you. Phi-phi islands package can easily cost around 1200baht to visit phi-phi islands. My package was included with around 5 island stops, buffet lunch, transportation to and from your hotel. However, it was a waste of time for me to visit phi-phi island with the package that we bought. Because, it was all in a rush. We did not manage to stop all 5 islands and went down the islands, we were just brought to the island, and were asked just to take picture of the island from the boat. The two islands that we actually visited was, Bamboo island, Maya Bay and Phi phi Dom (for lunch) We stopped in Maya bay, and Maya bay was filled with people, too crowded I must say. We were only given 40 mins to explore Maya Bay, so we didn't get to relax by the beach and enjoy Maya Bay. We also went snorkelling but the wave was too huge and there weren't many things to see in the sea. We were given only 40 mins as well, but it felt like 10 mins. So, if you can afford a private boat, get urself a private boat, because you can schedule everything at your own time. 

4. Discover Night Life in Ao Nang

Ofcourse, after all those crazy morning adventures, you need to explore the Krabi Night Life. It's definitely an eye opening experience. You don't get to see a lot of beautiful transgenders performing. Also, their beer is one of the best beer I ever tasted in my whole entire life. I'm never really a fan of beers but "Chang" beer really amazed me! It can easily cost only 90baht per can! If you're daring enough and open minded enough, you should definitely experience their strip club. It was my first strip club experience, I must say, it was.............weird. HAHA! but, definitely eye opening. If you ask me if ever want to go to any strip club again, I would say no...unless i'm in las vegas haha! 

Basically, that's it! I hope you guys enjoy your Chinese New Year! :)


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