Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Slay Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is coming! It can be one of the most loved celebration but can also be hated as well. For those that have a date on the day, I hope you and your partner will have an amazing love stories. For those that don't, remember that being single is not a crime and remember to always love yourself first!

I have a story to tell and usually I'm not the kind who likes to talk about my relationship but the public knows that I dated this person for quite a long time and i was in a toxic relationship which i never realise until i was out of it. This person changed as time goes by, instead of making me feel i'm the most beautiful person on earth, he made me feel i wasn't good enough for him. Don't get me wrong, I still cherish every moment that I had with him, the good ones of course, because he was part of my life; people change, but memories don't. I can't blame him tho, he was young and I believe one day he'll learn his lesson and treat his new girl better. If you ask me if I hated him for cheating on me and being back and forth with the new girl and me, yes, I used to hate him so much. But, I don't anymore, in fact, I'm grateful. I'm glad he showed me his real self to me and walked away from me, because if he didn't, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I forgive him and he deserves to be loved and not condemned by his actions towards me. Everybody makes mistakes.

So girls, if you're in a relationship and happy; i'm happy for you. If you are not happy and constantly feel like you're lesser than you really are, love yourself enough to walk away from the relationship. Being single is not a crime, in fact being single is great, you'll learn to love yourself and stand up for yourself. Being single means you love yourself so much that you wouldn't settle for less than you deserve. Don't date for the sake of dating because you're lonely and date someone shitty. Love yourself first and one day, you'll wake up everyday to the man you love and thank god for all the heartbreaks you've been through. Why date a good looking fuckboy and try to change him for you, when you can wait for someone great that give you the love you deserve from the start?

So that is all, for my little love advice and personal experience.

SOooooo here comes something fun.....

I have not been doing lookbook for awhile now, so decided to do a fun one for Valentine's day! I hope you enjoyed this video, remember to subscribe xx


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