Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Casual Outfits

Hey lovelies, yes I've been away again...good news is i'm back on track! Since my biggest project of the school officially done! You have no idea how stressed I was for the past month. So, summer is around the corner, or is it here already? I had so much fun doing videos these days and I can't even stop, so for those that doesn't like to read, prefer something more visuals you can head over to my youtube channel!

Basically, these summer casual outfits I have compiled are more people that are more laidback just like myself and prefer dress comfortably during such a hot weather, I live in malaysia so it's summer all year round, comfort is number 1 in our wardrobe.

So here's a video for you all to watch! Also, remember to subscribe because I'll be posting one or two videos every week! Super exciting isn't it? So yes, support me there and thank you, talk to you guys again soon :)


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