Friday, June 12, 2015

Hong Kong in one night? - Wonderland Party

Wonderland Party by Fantasy Tour 2015

It is been awhile since I last partied because I kind of tone it down my wild side a little because, well I grew up because life is not just about the alcohol and dancing hahahha. I sounded really old. But just a few weeks ago I attended an all-cantonese-party, wonderland party with bunch of blogger friends. Heck, I don't know cantonese language, it was pretty epic because feels like I'm partying in a Hong Kong night club! It was pretty funny because, I kept asking my friends what were they saying. Poor people have to translate for people even the simple words like "Let's get drunk and party!" So, I'm always 5 second late to party ahahha you get it? ok no? Nevermind.

Honestly, I don't know most of the artiste but I was told they're a big shot in Hong Kong. Beside just DJ party sets, they have also live performance.  So this is 24HERBS! They're Kong Kong Hip Hop group formed in 2006. I must say even tho, I don't know their language, I can say they're really good! 

This is non other than Stephanie cheng! She definitely rocked the party alongside ith 24 herbs.

Gorgeous Hazel Tong partied along side with DJ KEN

What's a party without our very own local DJ EVA T!

Overall, the party was awesome, the music pumped me up, language is not a problem when it comes to music isn't it? Can't wait for more party by them again!

Picture credit :K.Kiat Photgraphy

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