Friday, May 1, 2015

STRIP: Ministry of Waxing - the new Powerpac 2.1 IPL Review

Just few weeks ago, I was invited by STRIP to have their very new treatment to be done on my underarm. Being a curious cat I am, I agreed to them and see what this new treatment can offer me. 
And also, please forgive for my lack of my pictures, I promised I took a lot of pictures but I accidentally delete them all.............*rage mode* but then you can see the inside of STRIP in bangsar in my video, thank god for my video.

I am always always afraid to get wax because I'm afraid of the pain and thinking that this treatment will give me hell of a pain. However, I do not feel...a thing. HAHHA. So this new treatment that I keep mentioning is non other than the new Powerpac 2.1 IPL Review, it offers an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction. It definitely provided the most comfortable hair removal experience ever!

For you girls or guys that are afraid of germs, do not worry, STRIP only use disposable razors, sterilise all tools with hospital-grade disinfectant before treatment, wear masks & disposable gloves (ofcourse), some place they don't do these routine but STRIP does.

From my experience tho, they asked me about my skin condition to see whether if my skin is suitable for the treatment. If all is good, they will proceed with the treatment. They will first shave your hair with their disposable razors.After that, they will apply gel on your skin, it's cold but bearable definitely. Then they will start doing treatment with their machine. It uses UV light to destroy your hair and also hair follicle. Unlike shaving, your hair follicle will not be destroyed. In fact, your hair will grow thicker. For waxing, it will be a very painful procedure. However, in IPL Treatment, it gives you painless procedure and when your hair grow, your hair will be thinner than usual. And it usually takes 4-5 weeks for the hair to grow.

For more information:

Call 03-2283 5575 / 79 to schedule a treatment session, or email to Visit for more details. “Like” and follow STRIP on 


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