Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Because I have decided to talk to you all more often and let you all listen to my true voice, although i still can hella nervous infront of camera. I'm still going to continue posting videos every week! In addition, a blogpost to my video every time I post it. YEAY! So, I hope you all really support me in my youtube journey because I have always been in love to edit random videos and get really creative and did not have the platform to share my creativity (yerr) so youtube is my only platform where I can share both my fashion &beauty favs and also my love of being creative in editing! The difference between youtube and blog, is that blog you need a picture perfect, which can be a real hassle at times because you need the right destination, right lighting, right angle, right editing, at the end of the day you'll need to choose 1 perfect photos out of 100 photos taken. While videos, it's all natural, I can do videos anywhere as long the lighting is great, and angle well, just move and turn around eventually the camera will capture your great angle. Editing is a bonus! So that's what I really love about videos. Don't get me wrong, I am still continuing my blog because I love writing and it's been with me since day 1! It's like a fashion diary to me so yaaaa. So I hope you all will continue support both my blog and newly launch youtube channel. And if you haven't watch it, please do so and remember to subscribe to get more updates!


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