Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hey guyssssss, The Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015, Maybank’s award-winning talent search and recruitment competition is back!

What is The Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge?

Well, it's basically a business case study competition that challenges the mind and the body of the competitors. Endurance, courage, determination, stamina, and intelligence! sounds intriguing isn't it?

#MoreThanAChallenge is the theme for 2015’s Maybank GO Ahead Challenge and this in 2015,

This year, Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge has a different and better rewards! this year for participants that will make it through to the International Grand Finals. In addition to the Grand Prize of $40,000USD for the grand prize winner, $20,000USD for runner-up and $10,000USD for the second and third placed teams, “People’s Choice” award will be added as an award for the favourite team that will be decided by public votes.  That's a lot of money guys!

The individual that earn the highest individual score will crowned as the Ultimate Maybank GO. Ahead challenger will receive an internship opportunity to New York and London. Good Lord, I would want that! Besides that, the Ultimate Maybank GO Ahead challenger also will win all-expenses-paid two-week internship in Maybank’s New York office together with cash prize of $1,000USD, did I caught your attention? The second highest scoring individuals will also win a 2-week internship in Maybank London office and cash prize of $750USD, and for the third highest scorer in the competition will net a 2-week internship in Maybank Hong Kong with the cash prize of $500USD!!

Also, engagement with the Group’s most influential leaders at its “Transitioning Leaders to CEO programme” which in objective to prepare its leaders for future CEO roles in the Group will be give as an opportunity to the Champion tean and also the Ultimate GO Ahead. Challenger. On top of that, the participants will stand a chance to be involve in the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme.  Global Maybank Apprentice Programme is a 2-year programme where apprentices will be given an integrated  learning experience which will assist the apprentice to enhance their leaderships skills with the involvement in group-wide projects. The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme also includes assignments that involves global network operation and personal development interventions where mentor will be assigned to the apprentice. You just gotta put your shades on because your future is so bright when you win this competition!

So what you guys are waiting for, go get your future sorted out with some coolios adventures that is #morethanachallenge ! Who know's you'll be the next CEO for Maybank? 

For more information on Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014, please refer to .

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