Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rooftop Beach Birthday Party // Vlogs

Hey ya'll! How are you guys doing? My life been pretty ah-mah-zing lately and I cannot wait to share all the good news, and if you guys been following me on twitter and instagram. You can really tell, I'm quite in a good stable position in life right now and I decided to live simply and appreciate everything, although at times I get a little frustrated over schools... yea it's all basically just schools. LOL.

Anyways just few weeks ago or probably just 2 weeks ago, it was one of my friends birthday, Samantha Ong! woop woop. So yeah, she had her small little party going on with just a few of our friends that she's closest with and my boyfriend in Verve suits, mont kiara. There's nothing pretty much to talk about except there's a lot of swim, A LOT of swimming and splashing. Too bad I can't dip my hair into the water because i just got my hair dyed.. as i typed this, my hair faded really quickly. *cries* 

There's nothing much to talk about really but all I could say is we had a really great time, with amazing view of the city since we were swimming on the roof top beach. 

Beautiful place, beautiful company, beautiful time, a little bit of alcohol. :)
So here's abit of the video that I recorded on the day it self and enjoy, and remember subscribe for more videos coming up yeayyyyy


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