Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old-School Picnic Date

I personally in love with idea of old-school dates, instead of going movies, shopping, fancy dinner (which me and my bf did most of the time) and became a normal everyday routine. I suddenly thought of a picnic session since I never done it as a date and I barely even did it normal days with friends or family, because nowadays, people just don't bother make a hassle to prepare food and bring it to some random place and sit on the floor and eat. LOL.

Honestly, It wasn't much of a hassle since, I "taopao" , take away food from the groceries, lol, like the sushi and sashimi I got from the local grocery store (Aeon) HAHAHHA. It's still an effort right? We also got breads and tunas to get our sandwiches done, and my boyfriend boiled some eggs in case we get hungry.

Before we got there, the weather was alright. Since these few weeks the weather was a little bit unpredictable, suddenly it was all sunny and hot, and in the evening, suddenly it poured like crazy. We knew the weather gonna be really bad, but we proceed our picnic instead. We settled down, eat some sandwiches, looking at the sky and suddenly after 15 mins of settling down, it just rained heavily. Gosh, we were so mad we packed our stuff so quickly and rushed back to our car. 

Nevertheless, it was a great 15-30 minutes session. LOL eventhough it took us 40 minutes to get to our destination (Desa Park City). :( 

Anyhow, I just wanna share to you guys that, you don't have to prepare an expensive dinner or overpriced dinner or leisure what not to have a romantic date, just a simple outing like picnic, old-school and classic, cheap and simple date will do. And oh, if you happen to plan a picnic, I recommend Desa Park City, it's beautiful there and if you have dogs, bring your dogs along too!


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