Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alvy Goes to Indonesia

 Hey guys,  It's been awhile I've been blogging about my life! I really miss it so here I am gonna start blogging and vlogging about my life! If you guys been following my instagram, some of you might know that I've been travelling to Indonesia!

A month ago I flew to Indonesia - Bandung with my family and it's been awhile since me and my family travelled together due to my packed schedule with school and work so I was so happy that I can find the time to spend with my family. One of my favourite tourist location I went was the Volcanic mountain! It was quite an experience since it's a volcanic mountain, i prayed so hard it didn't erupt on the day I was there. ahhaha

Another favourite thing i've been doing in Bandung was shopping, Bandung is known for its cheap clothing, so yes, I've been shopping too much from high end clothing to brandless clothing everything is super super duper cheap, *screams*

As for ootd, I didn't take much of my ootds so what you'll see in video will be me wearing my birkenstocks and my skort twice, which I happened to be shooting my ootds, and i didn't shoot the other days of my ootds because... i had too much fun and forgot to shoot. As for my clothing, one tips for you fashionistas, BRING LONG PANTS WHEN YOU PLAN TO TRAVEL IN BANDUNG DURING JULY! It's freaking cold, I thought bandung was hot but no especially during the australian winter season, i almost froze to death. 

Okay enough of talking, here's my video on my travel and yes I started a youtube channel for you people that hates reading, so yes i'll be updating every week so stay tuned!!! Love you guys xoxoxoxoxooxoxox



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