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Nomwithme: Across The Road, Bangsar

Have you ever ask yourself why do you go for the same mamak/cafe/restaurant over and over again but the fact that you live in a huge city when there's THOUSANDS of places you can eat? Are you that person afraid of trying something new but have the WANTS to do so?


Being a food lover just like me, or a total fuss when comes towards food,
and I'm that annoying person that goes like:

Me: "Eh dude, lets go noms something."
Friend: "what you wanna eat?"
Me: " Anything?"
Friend:" Western?"
Me:" Nah."
Friend:" Laksa, Mee Jawa, Wantan mee."
Me:" Nah, anything but that."

And my friends will go berserk due to my fussy-ness and the fact that I said that I would go for anything and then we will end up going to same coffee shop or mamak nearby and ordered the same dish I had over and over again!

If you're that person just like me, VibeHero is totally one of the place that you can go to find anything and everything especially about hidden treasures - food in the city!

VibeHero is basically a company that is driven by bunch of people just like you and me that have passion for all things fun and adventurous especially comes to food. VibeHero's mission is to deliver in writing a taste of world's greatest dishes and hidden cool spots that you never thought you can find!

Thanks to VibeHero,
I was invited to have a Food Review session in Across The Road, yes the name is Across The Road and literally, the restaurant is really across the road! How irony and this restaurant is a rare gem, if you are looking for unique western cuisine experience, instead of having boring Bolognese all the time. Across The Road is the place you should head to!

This hidden cool pub-restaurant was totally hidden, I took few drives around the same spot trying to find it or maybe I'm just blind.

Okay let the food adventure begins!

First Appetiser: Mushroom/Tomato Bruschetta

One word, one of the loveliest pastry I ever tasted. I really love how the mushroom, tomato and the crunchy outer part really blend so well together, a little of crunchiness and a little mushy on the inside. Just a little dissapointing it came in tiny bits, I would go nom all 5 in one time. LOL

2nd Appetiser: Caramelised onion and goats cheese tarlets

By far the best dish I had that night! And again, really love the crunchiness and the mushiness and the way the cheese lingers inside my mouth, perfection.

First starter: Salmon broth with prawn dumplings, chives and caviar  

It looks plain but taste gold and if you know me well, I have this fetish towards soup so literally drank the whole soup. *gulps*  It is more of a chinese cuisine more than a western cusine, probably because it is a dumping, remind me so much of a chicken soup my mum used to cook for me, and the what's precious inside the soup, the caviar.

Second starter: Beef roll salad with balsamic 

This too, one of my fav dish of the night. It's also feels like a chinese cuisine, the salad on top, total precious.

Third starter: Homemade chicken and mushroom ravioli 

One word for this dish, orgasm in the mouth. It taste so gooooood. Usually when go to some random french restaurant, I'll avoid ordering cheese macaroni because I really dislike the uneasy feeling after eating such thick amount of cheese, but this is an exception. oh no, this isn't a macaroni, this is a western dumpling and still generalised as pasta, I really think it's really unique because it's a homemade pasta, and I really the cheese, mushroom and chicken just blended out well together in your mouth!

First main: Homemade vegetable lasagna 

I never eaten a vegetarian lasagna and this is prolly the first time ever, at first I had little doubts, I mean how can you not have meat in a lasagna?! And this is a total exception, I'm gone speechless, perfection.

Second main: Cheese stuffed beef burger with 3x cooked chunky chips  

Me and the bloggers are really stuffed after all the dishes, and I wasn't keen of eating this dish because I don't really like burgers, because ya food will stuck on my damn braces, but I gave it a go. To my surprise, I loved it! Maybe it's because the beef inside was perfectly cooked, it wasn't as solid as it looks and if you eat the middle part of the burger it's like a surprise because suddenly the cheese just squirt out like an erecting volcano, lol.

Third main: Chicken breast stuffed with prawn mousse and Yorkshire pudding with wild mushroom, mixed herbs and shallot sauce

Had the hardest time to remember this dish's name. Chicken too nicely cooked, Yorkshire pudding I had no idea what that was, but it's really lovely.

Fourth main: Sea bass roll with young asparagus, cheese risotto and spicy seafood broth. 

Another favourite, cuz i'm a total sucker for seafood. I'm no fuss to seafood, I eat everything when comes to seafood, actually no I eat every single thing as long it's edible and greatly cooked. The sea bass on top was perfectly steamed, it feels like it got steamed and again a surprise in the middle with cheese risotto. Bottom of the dish is steamed rice, felt like "pulut"- some malay transitional dish.

First dessert: Raspberry cheesecake 

Really like how soft the cheesecake in the middle. A little mixture of sweet and sour, but the sourness overpowered the sweetness of the cake. 

First dessert: Tiramisu with strawberry on top
When the owner informed us it's a last dish, I was really relieved because my tummy are about to burst and I'm really stuffed but sad at the same time because I really wanna eat more. lol, the dilemma over wanting to eat but unable to stuff more food in. This last dish, also a mixture of sweet and sour, the sourness of the tiramisu too overpowered the sweetness of it, overall it's just an okay dessert, I like the first dessert better. But, if you are a tiramisu person, you gotta give it a go!

Last but not least, me and fellow bloggers. From the left it's Joey, Jessica, myself, Elaine and also Pandora from VibeHero. Too bad I had to leave early because well it was my birthday and my mum came all the way from Sarawak to visit me and didn't had the chance to take picture with all of them. Thanks to VibeHero for spoiling me with awesome food and ofcourse,  I had the most amazing evening, hopefully there's more to come from VibeHero!

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