Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guest Post//Dancing with KL

Hello peeps! How's your weekdays been? I know mine been really unproductive and I got lazier day by day, hopefully my laziness stop.

Anyways, what's a guest post?
A guest post is like someone want to convey a message to readers through my blog, so I open up a guest post ever since there's one foreigner keen to talk about KL and how her life been as a foreigner here. She requested to be anonymous so here's the post and hope you readers enjoy!

Dancing with Kuala Lumpur

Do you already have plans for tonight? Or maybe for the weekend? Maybe you will want to try something new?
I am an expat here and although due to my professional life I don’t have much free time left I do not abdicate on going dancing once (or more if possible) a week.  In this sense Kuala Lumpur was a pleasant surprise as I found so many places where I can enjoy good music and environment. I just had to look for them in sites like VibeHero or Facebook groups (there are a lot). I will leave you here with some of my favorite places both bars and clubs:


One of my favorites! Pisco is able to combine good music with an awesome environment. You want to chill with your friends? Enjoy the Studio 54 inspired environment downstairs. Want to go crazy on the dance floor? Go up and enjoy the amazing music they play (They play from house music to oldies like Blink 182 or The Killers, I personally like it a lot). It is strategically located close to the busy Changkat but it manages to run away from the “too crowded” environment. The staff is extremely nice, the wine selection is exquisite and if you get hungry don’t miss on the Spanish tapas! One last important detail: the entrance is always free!


This is a good bar to go during the weekends. You can say that sometimes it gets to crowded but the truth is that during weekdays it is almost to empty to dance (although that never stopped me before). With South American inspiration this bar has one of the biggest dance floors in Changkat (check it upstairs). There you will mainly hear commercial/mainstream music which is always a good option when besides dancing you want to “scream your heart out”.  My advice? Start the night drinking with some friends and head to Havana after for some crazy dancing!


This is a classic, mainly for foreign people (if you are foreign you get in for free until 1 a.m.). All my expat friends know and love Zouk and I couldn’t exclude myself from that. When I really feel like dancing this is the place to go, especially because it is the only place (in this list at least) that is open till five in morning (and sometimes a bit more). The thing that I like the most about Zouk is the fact that you can choose among different rooms: you never get bored! The music, like the environment, never disappoints.  Zouk is a hit!


Vertigo offers one of the best spaces in Kuala Lumpur! Located in the Gardens’ rooftop, Vertigo had the Led dance floor space and the bar overlooking with a great view to the Gardens’ pool (to be perfect, perfect the pool would be included!). The music varies from electronic to hip-hop so it is hard not to please everyone. There are a lot of theme nights with electronic djs that only make it better. Vertigo is the perfect place to run from the routine every now and then.
Hope to see you soon partying in one of these places!



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