Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love's birthday!

So just few days ago, my boyfriend and I went to midvalley to celebrate his 18th birthday ! 

We had just simple simple small birthday lunch with him, so we went over Gardens Restaurant in Midvalley. I love that restaurant, the scenery and all the views, are breath-taking. Unfortunately the food is not that special as they looked.

This is my so-called Halloween nails, had it done somewhere near my place, cost around 30 bucks. I really love the eye details on my nails, I actually got the design from Instagram cuz I told the nail artist that I want my nails to look scary and elegant at the same time. So I came across to eye design in instagram and I fell in love with it and I told him to do exactly the same for my nails. TURNS OUT, I have the same eye nail design as Daphne Charice. If you know her. Sorry baby girl, I had to steal that design cuz it looks so damn dashing and scary! My bby  had to wait for one hour for my nails to be done on his birthday. Poor him, but I don’t think he minds. :P 

I ordered vegetarian bolognese, it taste okay, but it’s a freaking huge dish I only ate like a quarter part of it. Not sure if the food taste not satiesfying or I just have no appetite to it. I’m quite a fussy eater, I have my own quality of food, but this spagetti doesn’t taste as impressive as it looks.

My boyfriend, he ordered himself a chicken chop. It taste soooo much better than my dish, but the size is twice as smaller as my dish. Unfair much? Overall, Gardens are just okay for me. It didn’t really impress me like how the romantic look of the restaurant did. Like the saying, “ looks can be deceiving” yeah.

Guess what I bought for my boyfriend, yes. I bought him a puma suede, he’s been longing for it since we few weeks ago and I purposedly told him it doesn’t look nice so he won’t buy one for himself, and I can literally see from his face that he was sad that I didn’t like it. When I handed him over the shoe, he was so surprise that he almost cried LOL. I’m glad that he love his present from me. J

Anyway’s I guess that’s all! :D

Happy belated birthday baby, and I love you to the moon and back.


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