Friday, October 18, 2013

Tiesto 2013

So 2 weeks ago, I got sponsored Tiesto VIP ticket, thanks to Heineken! Woohoo big shoutout to them! Actually I bought one for myself, but if you got VIP ticket for free, so why not? Anyways I was back in Sarawak that week and I touched kl just because of Tiesto! and that week was a week before my exam starts! Well, people like me gotta chill before exam. Okay, I'm officially can be called as party queen. 

*not for the kids* LOL Anyway before we went in, ofcourse we gotta fill our blood with alcohol before going in. HAHAHAHA. 

Jessie, Mango, yours truly, and Amelia.

Photobombed by kew.

It was definitely a great night, but I really hate being in the front because I'll get sandwiched by the crowds, cuz I'm so small and probably no one could see me. I totally feel like kung-fu everyone.*sobs* Wished I was taller, perks of being a dwarf. Sigh. Like I can't even dance, so i went out from the crowd and went to VIP area instead. WHICH WAS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER, I finally had my first breathe. lol i was just being dramatic.

Outfit of the day, I go for super comfort again. To be honest, I don't why I took picture when I wear the simplest clothes, but when I wear extravaganza clothes or being fashionable, I did not take an OOTD of myself. Such a fail blogger. :(

-Topshop crop top
-Louis high-waist jeans
-polka dots pantyhose by H&M

View from the Vip area :P It was really awesome when Tiesto on set, especially during "maximum crazy", I turned in a dancing machine myself. One epic thing I saw beside was there was this couple prolly aged around 50-60, they danced like teens LOL! It was funny, but cool. Hopefully I'll have a young soul at that age. :p

Me and the gangs.

That's all, totally looking forward for the next time Tiesto come :)


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  1. you must had an awesome time :)
    You look great!


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