Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013

Hello everyone! it's been agesssss I posted any fashion post lol, i guess the last fashion post was back in 2011? omg, readers must have grown some mushroom and some must'd cursing me from behind that I'm such a lazy blogger. :( dont do that, I'm having a fever and I flunked my chemistry and also my catwalk. (excuses....) lol. Okay, I guess none of my reasons will make you guys forgive me. I guess a new post of fashion will make you guys forgive me right? *puppy eyes*


okay, back to what's my suppose to post today. SO IT'S SPRING! Malaysia doesn't have spring, what are you talking about? Well, let just say it's kind of mainstream now that everyone in the world follows, the fashion trend whether it's summer, spring, or winter(no noone wears winter in Malaysia).

So what's your wearing this spring 2013? Maybe a little bit of pink, all the nude colours, flowery patterns, polka dots maybe? My personal favourite are actually, flowery patterns and a little touch up of baby pink or pastel colours. Yessss, I'm kind of girly than I was back in 2011. Well, people change. I love pink, not just pink. Pastels colours!

My personal favourite fashion blogger Tricia. 

1. Belt, TOPSHOP
2. Shoes, Asian Vogue
4. BLazer, Migliore Korea
6. Ribbon necklace, Extreme finds
7. BagZARA

Flowery dress, adding femininity in you and a little peekaboo at the back of your dress to add some characteristics!

2.Sunglasses - 
3.Wedges - Topshop
4.Clutch - Asos

Another of my favourite fashion blogger, camille.

1. Pumps, 



2. Necklace




Spring is about colours, so add more colours to your dressing!

  1. SHOES


  2. RINGS


So if you realise, I'm actually a big fan of Tricia and camille, They both have been a great inspiration in fashion, they're amazing and I looked up to them alot, especially their fashion sense. 

Check them out in,
1. Tricia's blog
2. Camille's blog

Okay, lets end this post with me a little touch of spring LOL. I guess the only spring about this picture is my headband! I got this cute headband in Sunway Pyramid!



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