Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Nuffnang Activity

Hello guys, it's been awhile since I posted anything about Nuffnang. Anyway I know this post
I should've posted it like 2 months back, but forgive for my lack of efficiency, I will finally posted up today. Well, it's my first ever outing with the nuffnang team and it's my ever first activity I done with them was the Chinese New Year photoshoot! HAHAHA

Well, it was a really last minute thing, and I didnt really prepare for the shoot, I think some people knew that I did the photoshoot with nuffnang. Anyway, I met fee very famous bloggers for example, Melissa, Povy and also Reiko. They're really beautifully amazing looking bloggers and they're tall, fml I'm always the shortest and the fatest bloggers among all, for god knows why la zzz. Well hopefully I'll join more of their event and be active in Nuffnang. :) Hwaiting hwaiting

So here's are some of the pictures,

Me, famous bloggers and the nuffnang crew.

I look so terrible in it I dont feel like blogging about it but it's my first with nuffnang, so I should to keep it as my memory. HAHA

That's all for today. xoxo alvy


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