Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who inspires me to blog?


Well, everyone must have inspiration to blog.
I've been blogging long time ago, but I never really care so much about my blog because I was so attached to facebook lol. I used to just blog about lame stuffs and all. I stopped blogging for about two years? and I really started my blog last year after I read blogs that really inspires me to blog.

First all, I wanna give a big thanks to the my readers and the people who inspires me to keep on blogging.


One of the blogger that really inspires me is Xia Xue. She is the Singapore's princess of blogsphere! She is a very famous blogger in Singapore and also in Malaysia. A very loud and adorable person from the view of her blog. A person who has good sense of humour too.One of the things in her that I really love about is her honesty and also, I adore her hair very much! She has the barbie look face which makes me pretty envy of her. I've been reading her blog ever since before I really started my blog and I read them everyday ever since. Her blog has been really an inspiration for me especially on dealing stuffs, make ups, and etc. She have good fashion sense and I look up to her. I'll be keep on reading her fantabulous blog!   If you read this XiaXue, I would love to meet you in person and take a picture with you. Keep up the good work, you go girl!

Read her blog and you know what I meant!
Go to and read 'em up. I bet it'll made your day!

She looks gorgeous isn't it?

Sexy pose of hers.

She has a gorgeous smile!


Besides Xiaxue, there's also a Malaysian blogger which inpires me non other than Jane chuck
I adore her alot. She's one of the blogger out there that really inspires me to blog. She is a Malaysian blogger and she is studying in Taylor's college in Kuala Lumpur. Anyone that studies there could bump into her. How lucky. She is a very pretty blogger, obviously she is. Her blog has been really an inspiration to me. I've been reading her blog ever since before I started my blog. Her blog is mostly about her lifestyle, fashion, fashion, girls, girls, girls and girls. She also writes about make up tutorials, hair do and skin care. I absolutely adore her hair and her skin, I wished I could have her skin! Believe me, book her for advertisement for hair and skin, she is the perfect choice for any advertisement. I love her and her blog so much that I would read them everyday. Keep up the good work Jane! I will always be your loyal fan  
I would love to see her in person, omg I might just faint even before I talk to her, okay that's a little too dramatic you think?

She is a model too.

She looks adorable!

Read her blog in and get updated! I'm sure you will love it.

Alright that's it for now, there's more blogger that inspires me out there so stay tuned! 
Bye and goodnight! Hugs and kisses from me.



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