Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yeah, you read the title very well. I can't endure very bad smells. I know a few people have BAD ODOUR. Sometime, I could smell the damn onion smell from far, I know a few girls have that smells, and I always wanted to ask, had you bath? lol. You're a girl, please atleast use perfume or deodorant. But can't blame them, they just happened to born with that smell. Soo, to make yourself not feel that insecure and to let everyone around you comfortable. 

You dont want people with this face around you right?

Sooooo, I introduce you to....


Dr Mist is the WORLD'S BEST DEODORANT SPRAY and also an award winning natural deodorant. Plus it also treats acne, eczema Minor cuts, wounds, rashes, swelling, insect bites, athlete foot, etc. How cool is that?!!!!

I personally use this and I thought it's amazing and it's not expensive as well! I forgot how much does it cost, and I confirm you it's below Rm50? all I could remember was it was miraculously cheap! omgeee. haha

And also, u can be greeeeeeen with this Dr.Mist spray! What I meant was, you can be eco-friendly with this Dr. Mist! It has no aluminium and alcohol. This product really works for people who stayed in a humid place such as Malaysia, you can eliminate you bad odour by just a spray! and this Dr Mist has no smell at all, it feels like pure water. It is made up from concentrated salt and water from the sea and it evaporates wayyyyyyy faster than ordinary water!
 Cool right?!! 

Wanna get two free Dr Mist spray from me?
 Simply drop a comment why do you want it and what do you think will happen to you if you use it?

FAST!!!! First come first serve, I have very limited stock!

That's all! xoxo ;)



  1. my girlfriend's been avoiding me lately.. i think i have body odour. please give me dr mist to save my relationship!

  2. noooo! sorry i wasn't being serious :\

  3. is thi sreal co si suffer from hyperhidrosis an da blottle of this would be nice


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