Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yes Topshop! I'm a Topshop mad fanatic, I'll go crazy around Topshop stores and spend lots and lots of money there. Mm, I think I should really really reconsider about that lol, and manage my money. :/ WELL WHO CARES?! TOPSHOP IS A MUST-BUY!

Well, Miri doesn't have any Topshop, *sits and the corner and cry* and usually I only buys Topshop stuff at the end of the year or any holiday if I'm going to the nearesr city like Kuala Lumpur ! 

No idea what to buy? I'll give u some ideas!

Wanna try something really cute?

Dress from Topshop

Ballerina dress from Topshop

Coat from Topshop

Tulip Dress from Topshop

How about trying something casual but cute at the same time?

Flag shorts from Topshop

High heeled boots from Topshop

How about something bold or sophisticated and cute at the same time?

Lace Dress and High Heeled boots from Topshop

Shoulder Pad Top from Topshop



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