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Travel: What To Do in Jeju?

Okay guys, I know that this post supposingly to be up before 2016, but I have been really busy lately! So I'm gonna make it up to you now!

If you guys may or may not know, I was in Korea for a week plus and one the places we went was Jeju island. Jeju is a volcanic island situated in southwest part of South Korea. It is also known as "islands of Gods", it is one of the top honeymoon spots in Korea to visit among the Korean newlyweds. I now understand why it is a honeymoon spot, Jeju is a total beauty. 

So What To Do in Jeju?

1.  Make your own perfume in Jeju My Cafe Story

Girl, let me tell you this, how often can you make your own perfume? Jeju My cafe story offers using their very natural scent from flowers that they plant themselves and picked out to let their customers to use any kind of scent that suits them! It was really fun and it was interesting to find out everyone kind of scent. Mine smells like baby powder tho, maybe cuz i'm such a baby.

2. Challenge your intellect in Mazeland Theme Park

This activity really challenge your memory and intellect, it was definitely scary because I was so scared of getting lost, but it was fun, and the joy of finding your way out, you'll feel like you're the smartest person in the world. Did I told you I felt like a character from a Maze Runner movie?

3. One with nature in Udo Island

Udo Island is a volcanic island, it is really beautiful. Perfect way to get out of hustle and bustle of the city, and just be in tact with the sea and nature. Udo island have a unique beach, instead of the usual sandy beach, they have the coral beach! Interesting isn't it? And I love how blue and clear the sea is, you can even see fishes swimming in the sea!

4. Test your fitness in Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Okay gurl, let me tell you this, I am the most unfit person in the world, atleast in my dictionary. Whatever activities that need some physique strength, I would say no to it. However, I went to this because my tour guide forced me to, don't get me wrong, it waws definitely worth the climb especially in the cold weather, Koreans love to walk or hike the mountain. That explains why they're so slim. When you're up there, gurrrrrrl, the view is definitely surreal.

5. Check out the Osulloc Green Tea Farm & Musuem

A tea person? Well this place is definitely worth the visit and understand how they make our daily tea drink, also they sell really fresh teas that you don't get to get anywhere else! I bought tonnes of tea product from here!

6. Ease your stress in Camellia Hill

This place is definitely perfect for working couple who are stress with their city and working life. It's definitely a stress free zone. Totally immersed yourself in the scent of camellia flowers!

7. Immersed in the unique beauty of Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff
This is definitely one of my favourite part of Jeju, the view is totally amazing and you get to watch old ladies aged 60++ dive in to hunt some abalone! What's amazing is, they don't even need an oxygen tank to dive! That's why people say that Jeju women are really strong!

8. Check out handmade bears in Joanne Bear Museum

Very interesting, perfect for teddy bear lovers! What's amazing is, these bears are all handmade! You get to see iconic figures like obama turned into teddy bear......that does not sound right, but you get what I mean! 

9. Indulge in luxury of Yacht Sailing

 This is a must thing to do in Jeju, with the beautiful view of the clean sea, indulge yourself with wine, seat back and relax and enjoy the view of the blue sea. You even get to fish the fishes in the sea, but they won't let you take the fish, you will need to let it go after fishing it. It's like you purposely stab a friend and say sorry. LOL just joking!

10. Immersed in the autumn beauty of Sangumburi Crater

This is my favourite place in Jeju, it's undeniably romantic. The view is mesmerising, worth it definitely. A lot of korean drama were shot here because of its beauty! I was here for a very long time to take lots of pictures, I swear, this place is BEAUTIFUL! 

11. Pick up some fresh tangerine like a local
Jeju is famous for their tangerine, and your trip will not complete if you don't eat their fresh tangerine! I was here and I pick up some of their tangerines, i felt really proud because I feel like a farmer eating her own harvest!

12. Let out your inner k pop with your favourite k-pop bands in Play K-Pop

Omg I swear to you that this place is so fun! I'm a HUGE fan of big bang and this place offers cool game that related to your k-pop stars such as dancing, karaokeing, dressing up and it's really fun. You also get to watch their hologram performance and we were pretty lucky that day we get to watch a g-dragon hologram performance. It felt so REAL because it looks REAL. I even tricked my friends that g-dragon kissed me because it looked that real. I even got chosen to hologram myself to be on stage with g-dragon, god I wished that g-dragon was real tho. hahahahahhahah the dream.

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Here's a video on my youtube regarding on my Jeju Trip! Watch and please subscribe because video every week! woop!

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