Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good bye 2015, Hello 2016

Hi guys, I know I have not been updating so frequently lately. I hit a rough patch sometime last year and it's been such an overwhelming feeling I have till i had to delay most of my post because I just didnt have the motivation to write at all, but instead I found my love and passion in video editing and that's why I'm more active on the youtube side and can express more of my creativity that side.

There are so many things going on last year, I travel a lot, I had my toughest internship, I started my very first long distance relationship & all that jazz. It was a very happy but a bumpy ride, if you guys may or may not notice, I broke up with my long term boyfriend and probably the longest and the most serious relationship I had. No it wasn't a bad break up but it was a mutual agreement due to distance and other factors. I know most people think that I am crazy because I flew over to see him, but lets make it fair, he did too invest on the relationship and the trip. So no blaming in any individuals. We had some fair share on investment and effort on the relationship but things did not work out, which suck. True, we were happy but it's a wrong time to be together. I mean we are both really young, relationship requires commitment and we are so far away from each other and there are a lot of things that we cannot satisfy each other which made the relationship really tough to work on. Since the break up, sure I was sad, But I felt that it was a good decision for the both of us because we finally can work on ourself and better ourself without worrying the other party. Not only that, my first internship was honestly one of the toughest experience I had, I was very depressed for the past 3 months because I worked for one of the prestigious company in the world and actually have a big client. It was honestly stressful especially when you can't meet your boss expectations, not gonna lie, i broke down 2-3 times during my internship, it's crazy. This is one of the reason why I was "away" from social media because I want to unwind myself and try to get myself on track again. There were a lot to take in and that's why I needed the break.

Pic credit: Carolinemayling (instagram) 

2015 wasn't all sad and gloomy, it was one of the best years I had, I get to travel across the country and finally visited my dream place America for 5 weeks, new york, La, Pittsburgh, Indiana,San francisco,  and Buffalo. I get to travel and work at the same time with air asia to korea, it's a dream come true. I get to meet new people, I venture into youtube, I joined a youtube competition and actually recognised by Youtube team.There are a lot of happy moments but these are by far one of my best memories.

2016, I hope for a better career, a better me and a happier me.
Sure, I hope there are gonna be a lot of downs but I will try to change my mindset and make it as a positive learning experience.

So here are my 2016 goals.

1. Work more on my blog &youtube.
I have been slacking and that's no good, I want to be able to consistently to create more amazing content. I want to be more creative in every content I'm doing.

2. Travel more.
booked my ticket to Taiwan &Korea, hopefully to more other places such as the Europe :)

3. To be organised
I am a very clueless person and sometime I get very unorganised with everything, schedule, and stuff. Sometime I even forget important appointments, I really need to work on that.

4. To be more healthy
2015 is the most unhealthy year I've been, I hit my heaviest weight ( not gonna tell u how heavy) But I decided to be more healthy and maybe do the #fitness on instagram LOL. Also, get more regular sleep, because my sleep is a little messed up.

5. To do things out of my comfort zone.
I don't what it is, but yeah something out of my comfort zone. Such as, muay thai, pole dancing, whatever idk.

6. To be always have positive person.
I always have negative thinking and whenever I feel sad, I will dwell in it very long, this year I will be a much happier person!! I want to be kind to people and to be content and grateful towards everyone around me.

7. To read more.
Thanks to social media and technology, I dumped my love for reading because I get really lazy, this year I will be read more, and read before my sleep because it helps to make me sleep

9. To actually achieve whatever it is on the above hahahahahah

So yeah that's all guys, really excited for 2016 and what will it offer me. This year I make sure it will be a happier one!

Till then,
bye! xx



  1. Good luck! Haha😂😂😂

  2. Naww,sorry to hear that you had a bad time alvy. :/ 2016 will be better! I'm hoping that I'll accomplish my new year resolutions too,let's work it out girl :)) xo


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