Sunday, May 4, 2014

Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014

"Where to go?" , "What to do?" often questioned by uni students, or graduates. Thanks to Maybank and their kindness, they are holding an international business case competition to offer you, and you and you, you smart kids to unleash your inner potential. The challenge is a blend of The Amazing Race, The apprentice, Masterchef and many more!

I have the opportunity to witness MGAC 2014 launch last week at GSC, Pavillion!

Photo courtesy of Jessica 

Ms Nora herself.

The Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge first started in the year 2012 launched by Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer. Nora highlighted that it is the first student competition in the region that tests participants which will challenge the participants in terms of their mental and physical as well.  Bigger and better this year, the applicants this year increased in 50% and they are participants throughout ASEAN country.

"Ok, if I join, what do I get?" 

The picture above says it all, champion gets 40k usd and internship experience in New York! It's a once in lifetime experience, what are you waiting for? 

Here are some sneak peak for you to know what you're going to face.

As you can see the participants are pushed to their limits, there's tears and there's sleepless nights, there's also some joy moment. I asked the winner of 2012 of MGAC, and the advise he told me was, :" Just have fun, and join." Trust your guts and who knows, that 40k usd might me yours!

How to join? 


Applications still valid till 14th of May!

Good luck!!!

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