Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jay Park E!news special

Another post from last year's exclusive event that I went, Jay Park E!news special that held in Zouk Malaysia. Yes, it's a last year's event, I'm truly sorry for the overdued post it is because I have so much event to catch up on and think of the write-ups and i was having a life and death moment during 1 month study break, but well I am back now, and trying to post as much as possible and as frequently as possible so my readers don't go!

Was wearing forever 21's maxi dress and a sponsored necklace from Totally Gone Viral.

So well, I'm a hugggeeee fan of Jay Park, probably even when he was in his former korean boy band 2pm, now Jay park is a solo artiste and he also started his own new independent label - AOMG. Because of his major success after his downfall, E! news made a special show just Jay Park- the multi-talented artist who has bagged multiple awards! 

Jay Park performed so well, I got super starstruck, even my boyfriend fell in love with him. Personally, probably due to his music's genre is more to RnB than K-pop, cuz I'm not that interested in Kpop made him one of a kind. He is such a brilliant artiste, I mean he can sing, he can dance, he can act, he composes brilliant music? One more is there to add in such a multi-talented young man? 

My bf thanked me so badly because I brought him to watch up and close with Jay park, he said it felt like a dream, bf sounded a little gay, but well even guys go crazy about him, what more to say girls? Young girls including me, drool over his performances as he sang along award winning song "Joah", *faint*

Personally hope that he could come again to Malaysia and serenade for all the young lads here, looking forward!

That's all for today, xx


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