Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wicked Festival!

Hi loves, as you can see my title was Wicked festival, It was last year lol. I know this is such an overdue post, and might as well just not blog about it, but you know, it’s too good to not blog about it, like they say, better late than never!

So thanks to nuffnang, I had the chance to meet Axwell and Zedd, yeay! I have always had thing with Axwell mixes, so he made me excited to watch him, the last time before Wicked was Swedish House Mafia! So I’m pretty hyped about how is he going to mixes by his own! While Zedd, I wasn’t too sure about him because I hadn’t listen to his mixes except “Stay the Night” featuring Hayley Williams, and “Sprectum” So I was looking forward how will his track goes.

Besides the two major Djs, there are other Djs as well which I cannot remember their names, except our very own local sexy supermodel Dj, Leng Yein. Ofcourse everyone was so excited for her, because well she’s a lady afterall with great assets, I was quite anxious as well because it’s her first public gig with international Djs, but to be honest, it was pretty disappointing? I wanted to get all hyped with her mixes but it gets boring afterwards, well it’s her first public gig after all so I can’t blame her, she is still learning, but damn proud of her because from a private club dj, she became public and her first gig was with Axwell and Zedd! Damn.

I was all exhausted and didn’t dance much, so most of the time was sitting down, but when Zedd came on the deck, damn I swear he is one of my fav Djs now, he is so good with his beats and mixes and all of us were so fired up when he played some of his beats that he created, and plus with the visual motion on the background, it’s just tooo gooood.

Then, Axwell came up! All of us were damn excited for him, well because he is the Swedish House Mafia former captain after all, ofcourse I danced along with his mixes and beats! And then suddenly, it was raining!!!! What can be better than a wet rave right? Everyone became more high after the rain came, it brings back the memory the last time Swedish House Mafia came, it was raining too! Nostalgic indeed.

Anyways this was probably the best rave I ever attended, probably because of Zedd sick beats, and Axwell awesome mixes added with rain, one of the best rave I went!

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  1. Noooo! You raved to Zedd! His live sets are spectacular! Lightzzzz lazerbeamzzzz! <333


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