Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guess Luxe Leather Bag Launch @ The Gardens

Outfit of the day// a plain white shirt// a striped jeggings// a black heels// a coach bag

Hello lovelies, so finally I get to update a post,like finally, literally. Well, it's because i'm finally back in my hometown and my exam is finally finished and walaaaaa, i'm so free so i'll probably blog 2x to 3x per week this month and hopefully it will maintained till next year, which i almost never did.

So I attended this event in Mid October, Guess Luxe, and I updated in December, it's because my pictures are really ugly and I really don't wanna post ugly pictures on my post, thank God for official photographers right? Was really excited because it's my very first time I attended an event with the beautiful girls from The Butterfly project, it's not that I don't want to join it's just .that my time usually crashed with events,so it's pretty hard for me to attend lots of events from them! 

The Butterfly Girls, okay don't bother looking for me cuz I wasnt in, I went back earlier due to another event which is bf's birthday! Sad, but hopefully i'll join more of their activities!

Guess Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags that complements the wardrobe of a contemporary to urban to femininity with a slight touch of romanticism which make the bags looks utterly sophisticated. These luxury collections offers handbags with European touch that gives a beautiful blend of elegance and style.

The Guess Accessories store in The Gardens.

A collection for more elderly women for my opinion, especially the leopard print, really love how it make a statement and would make a plain dress more alive and youthful for the elderly women.

For my age people like me that's into elegance and chic, these collections suits me best. It's simple,elegant and chic! Wished I could bring all home.

This is my favorite, Primose Medium Flap Bag in Amethyst. I honestly love this one because of its wine colour, totally add a little touch of romanticism in an outfit. I don't normally see this type of colour on a bag, so it's really special to see one!

This is my another favourite too, Golden Cage Collection. 

The hot dancers during the launch!

The Event itself hosted by our very own Patricia K!

So that's all for now, stay tuned to more post! XOXO


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