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Ciccio Restaurant's Review

Hey lovelies!

How are your holidays? I know most of you, uni students having holidays now because you guys finished your finals, *pops confetti* HAHA. Lets celebrate it with having a delicious meal at some awesome place! Where to go? Having a hard time of deciding where to go? Wait, what. Are you guys planning to the normal mamak corner again? NOOOO, stop it right there you.

I, Alvynna, is introducing you tho this awesome italian gem - Ciccio! Haven't heard of it yet? oh no, sure you do, it's like a must visit place, if you didn't, head down to the city now and have a taste at their scrumptious pizzas, yummmmmmm. Thanks VIBEHERO giving the chance to discover new restaurants!

So let me take you to this gastronomical of savoring flavours of this very awesome hidden italian gem! Ciccio are famous for their handmade and wood-fired pizza. It's also one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Bukit Bintang. If you're seeking alcoholic trills, Ciccio is defo the place for to have one of these alcoholic beverages that manage to impress many of their custormers, and yes they are shipped directly from its origin, Italy.

" Garlic Bread with Olive Oil "
This is good, don't be fooled by its plain looking garlic bread, Italians are really skilled at making the bread so tempting that you gotta eat more, it has this crispy crust but soft in the inside, and ofcourse when you deep in the Olive Oil. it tasted heavenly.

“Affettato di porchetta”
Slice of roasted rolled pork with rocket salad 

I really loved this one because i'm such a health-freak, anything with salad is good, I really like how the the greens and the pork blended so well together! 

“Pizza Diavola”
tomato, mozzarella, spicy Napoli salami, chili

Ciccio is famous because of their pizzas, i'm not really a fan of pizza because most pizzas taste eekey, or maybe I always go for the terrible restaurants lol, but surprising this is really good, it is a wood-fired pizza, they are baked under 800-900 degrees next to hardwood fire in an italian brick oven! it is Italian traditional way of how they baked their pizza in the outcome of crispy outer layer and soft in the core of the pizza and ofcourse, the surprise from the mozzarella cheese, mmmmmmmm.

'’Pizza Prosciutto e funghi”
tomato, mozzarella, cotto ham, mushrooms

This is also one of their famous pizzas, and it's my favourite dish maybe because of the ham that is perfectly baked in the oven!
“Linguine al branzino”
Seabass, red chicory, garlic, a touch of chili and white wine sauce 
Okay honestly I totally forgotten to take picture of this, so I googled the, credits to photographer who took this. Anyway, this too, my favourite, it's reallylovely in my mouth!

"Feattuccine al ragu' di chinghiale "
 wild boar ragout with home-made fettuccine

This taste like "dry kueh teow" for me,hahahahha. I don't know how to feel when I ate this, but it's definitely good, I can't stop digging it and put it in my mouth again and again. Okay, lets not lecture me about diet now.

"Filetto di maiale"
 pan-fried pork loin wrapped with panceta, with pumpkin mesh and cherry sauce. 
This was really good, I swear. I loveeeeeee love love love the pumpkin mesh, it blended so well with other 2 element in dish which make you go....ahhhhhhhhh mmmm. Okay, that wasn't necessary but you do get what i mean right?

candied fruits, sponge cake, almonds and Galliano liquer
I was really stuffed but when i first scooped it into my mouth, my tummy automatically make way for this heavenly dessert! The soft that blended so well together with ice-cream and cake make everything taste too good to be true.

Thanks again, CICCIO & VIBEHERO that gave me the chance to have an awesome dinner!!!


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