Thursday, January 17, 2013

27th Golden Disk Award

Hello guys, so I have not been blogging much ever since my university life started, really sorry and there's nothing to write about my university life anyway :(

So, I've been wanting to go to this 27th Golden Disk Award ever since I was back in Borneo, and recently, on the 2nd day of Golden Disk Award, my university, Inti University been distributing Golden Disk Award tickets which cost on RM2.50 per ticket! WHAT?! SAY WHUT? yes, i'm not bluffing, it's true, rm2.50 per ticket to the 27th Golden Disk Award. HAHA , So I bought 8 of them.

Thank God, I didnt bought the RM699 ticket, I will cry if I didn't get the rm2.50 ticket instead. Even though, it's cheap, the place we stand isn't that far either!

So sorry for bad fashion sense, I just finished my class that time and I rushed to Sepang Circuit. So I didn't have the time to even change or look pretty. :( 

Stephanie, Yaw ying and myself.

G-dragon performace.

I swear, when G-dragon came out the whole crowd went so wild and crazy, lol. He was freakingly hot I can die. There are more k-pop starts actually, like Epik High. T-ara, Sistar, Secret, Teen Top, B.A.P, K-will, and many more. I didn't get to take picture most of them because I was busy fan-girling to them and plus I have forgotten to bring my camera and it is left in Borneo, or it is brought to Canada. LOL, my dad brought my camera instead of his to Canada. So I am left with my phone and its crappy camera. :( But its totally worth it and I'm very happy.

G-dragon and big bang won the most prizes on the night. FOREVER YG FAMILY!!!

Not only being in the concert for 2 bucks, I get to meet fellow bloggers such as Jane Chuck and Ashley. So happy get to meet them, I didnt expect to see them there. Well hello, I'm pretty much a lucky girl then. Going to a world concert for 2 bucks and meeting pretty people. Killed two birds with one stone. YEAPIE! hahaha

That's all. enjoy xoxo. 


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