Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girly Spring.

Happy Monday everybody!
No, I'm just kidding it's Sunday, I bet I tricked you guys with my lame jokes, Happy April Fool day! Did anyone got fool by anyone today? Shame on you people :p noh I'm kidding, go and fool other people too, but in a good way and in a fun way, and they might get fool by you easily! How? let me teach you how, simply say I love you to them, no i'm kidding, again! I guess I'm a bit hyper for April, don't you think? 

What I meant was, you guys should fool them with your stunning look on the day, despite how terrible you feel, how hopeless you feel, you girls should fool everyone that you're happy! You don't need to force yourself to be happy, fool people that you're happy with your looks, and naturally you'll be happy too since everyone will be smiling just by looking at you. Be confident, and you'll be surprise at the end of the day.

So how do you do that?
Here are some simple fashion trend that you could follow, it's simple, girly, vibrant, and also it makes you look chic and effortlessly beautiful.

Too lazy to dress up? simply put on a red with strong feeling under a plain white T-shirt, incase you had a bad hair day, simply put on a hat :) A long necklace gives a little extra touch-up on your plain white tshirt too :)

Since it's spring it's all about the bright colour right? Put away the dull colours for winter and put on some bright yellow neon jeans, and match with crazy colourful top, but be careful, do not put all the bright neon colours from head to toe, it's all about the balance, tone it down with a pair of nude heels, flats would be great too :)

Why not play around with your mum's 80's long dress that you thought it looks ridiculous? Play around with it, who knew you'll be a trend setter ! It's fashion, and there's no boundaries to it. And ofcourse, tone the colours down with some dull / nude colours. You do not want to look like freaking Christmas tree, trust me.

This is super cute! But not everyone can put up fashion like this, especially me! Very suitable for people who has a petite body and people who do not afraid to show some skins to the public! I would love to, but it'll get controversial here, so nahh. :p

I love this look! and turquoise is the new black now, it gives you a different look! Pair up with denim jacket to give you a stronger and more sophisticated look if you do not want to look too cute, tone down your strong look by wearing a pair of cute neon shorts and flawy nude blouse. 

So if you guys are the type of girl that would rather wear a blouse/ t-shirt and jeans, and the kind of girl that really lazy to dress up maybe you should consider Sereni and Shentel headband! They are great,you can even custom made! I have one myself and I'm loving it, it put me through the bad hair days :) It also give you the extra touch up for the spring season! :)

This is my Sereni and Shentel headband, it has its own name called Charlotte, it cost about rm180. The cheapest one was block party but I'm not a fan of it, but it only cost rm60. It has a lot of different style and you might like some of the headbands. It's pretty famous among the celebrities and it has been in magazines a lot, so check it out in their facebook page here, Sereni and Shentel ! 

This is how I wear my Sereni and Shentel headband to a dinner, I had no idea what to do with my hair, so a pair Sereni and Shentel headband will do! ;) For Mirians out there, check out lovely lace in parkson or my friend saloon, Paul and Jennifer saloon which located in Imperial Mall to get some of these headband! But I recommend you to go Paul and Jennifer saloon, you'll have lovely hair stylist to assist you to choose the headbands that suits you best, and Paul and Jenifer saloon has more choices to offer compare to lovely lace!

Remember, no matter how dull you look, always wear a smile. After all, smile is the best accessories despite all the expensive clothes, without a smile your look will never complete! So that's all for today and Happy Spring! :)



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