Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dress like a dude.

Well I find dressing like a guy is really sophisticated. 
I don't see why it will look horrible on people, or look tomboyish. Well of course, you need to dress right to look nice.Well it is unnecessary for you to look like a guy, just add some manly look to add look sophisticated.

Like today's oxfords, tons of girls wear those, but do you know it is actually for a guy?

See how gorgeous, Taylor Swift looked with her oxfords on, well her oxfords are with heels on it. Definitely it's for girls. haha.

And here are some of the examples dressing like a guy.

Blazer, to add a little manly look!

Still look awesome aye?

I love to be a girl, you know why? cuz' we can dress like a guy and a girl, while guys, sad for them cant dress like a girl, or else they look like a fag. But guys' fashion nowadays, they carry their bags like a girl carries her tote, I find it quite fashionable, but some people find it gay. It's really sad for the dude. HAHA. no offence. I'm not a sexist!


Marc Jacobs design this fag clothes, whut? Are you trying to ruin your name. lol. omg, worst piece ever. Im sorry Marc Jacobs, I love you. but I simply hate this design, and I dont know how can you think of this? Guys clothes too boring and you planning to make a dress for a dude?

Sorry for the short post, thanks for  the new support and Hi new followers! Hope you guys enjoy my post and make good use of it!

that's all for now,
xoxo, Missalvy..


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