Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY-Hair Accessories #1

Having bad hair day? No idea what to do to your hair?
Honestly I always have a bad hair school. HAHAH! I dont really care looking nice in school -_- cause  all I wanna do is study, not freaking impress. but yea who cares, but if u wanna go out having fun, hair is very important, u hear me.. I.M.P.O.R.T.A.N.T. U deaf? I will say it again, IMPORTANT. lol. okay i'm being annoying here lool. and Yes, hair is a person's CROWN, no matter you're a servant or a king. doesn't matter. Hair is freaking important.

Why? cause... hair changes the way you look. AGREE?

So here are few DIY easy make over for you girls!
Please say thank u, cause I'm not selfish and I'm sharing it muahhhhaha. 

1.Feathered Headband

Inspiration from Maggie Gyllenhaal had feathers in her cap for a recent Late Show with David Letterman appearance.

How to make Feathered Headband?

The Toolkit:
1 yard of black ribbon
1 foot of feather trim
glue gun
plastic headband

Affix one end of the black ribbon to headband with hot glue, be careful don't glue your own fingers. Wrap the ribbon around multiple times to cover headband, then hot glue in place. Cut feathers from trim. Attach feathers with hot glue one at a time with quills pointing to either end of the headband, and keep feathers overlapping to hide quills. Dry for five minutes before wearing. (:

2. Jeweled headband

Inpiration by Natalie Portman was crowned with jewels during Oscar season.

How to make Jeweled handband?

The Toolkit:
2 pieces of 8mm chain
1 string of rhinestones
2 feet of ribbon, scissors
15mm jump rings

1. Using pliers, cut 2 pieces of chain and 1 string of rhinestones the same length (about 12 inches each).

2. Loop one end of chains and rhinestones onto a jump ring and close end loops with pliers.

3. Braid the 3 pieces of chain and rhinestone together; loop ends onto a second jump ring, then close.

and your headband is done!
Use these to cover up your bad hair day, looking more sophisticated and confidence!
Remember, confidence is sexy.

That's all for now! ENJOY! (:



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  1. Hi, great ideas for hair. Truly, a woman's hair is indeed her crown, and men are attracted by it first before they look at the face. So always keep your hair beautiful. Pls do read my story, thks :)


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